The English language is sometimes very confusing.  What seems innocent to one person is totally inappropriate to another.  Take the word, "There."  Their,  They're. Easy to confuse the meanings of each spelling of this word.     These chat groups are taking great care as to what is being posted.     Any comments?        Granddad Ladd 

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Observation for November 12, 2019

Some years I became aware of a family that was trying very hard to qualify for an important position.

All went very well and it seemed that that job was about to begin a new chapter in their life.  Everything was approved!

But then a letter came stating that position had been canceled or denied.

After discussing the situation with two of the most trusted of folks he knew, one being the interviewer for that position and the other being a member of his close friends. 

When asked for an explanation, The interviewer said, "YOU TRIED TOO HARD!"  On the other hand, the close friend said, "YOU DID NOT TRY HARD ENOUGH!"

Now I ask you, What would your feelings be if that person were you?

That family put hundreds of dollars into updating facilities. This money could not be recovered!  Hundreds of hours were given to attending meetings and instructions for the job, And all for NAUGHT!

Talk about the mind and values being pulled apart.  

Granddad Ladd


I want to give my thanks to certain special people involved in my 85 years of life.  Each one left a certain legacy of their own to me, to grow and for what else it means to every one who might read this.

First are my parents, Lisle and Beatrice Ladd, The next names are listed as they are remembered.

Granddad Ervin Ladd, Great Aunt Allie Ladd Tuttle, Charlie Keith, (he and his wife were my first friends outside from family),  Grace  and Alfred Harris. Hulda Vogt, Charlie Hebblethwaite and wife, 

Other folks that had a great influence were Leo Buscaglia and Judith Kurianski, John Savage was another but certainly not the last! or the least.

Of course there were a great many other people who are also in my memory. But I think that first few named people need to be remembered and honored. at least by me.  These folks took much time to answer questions and instill a sense of fairness to all the folks that I may come in contact in years to come!  

Trying not to judge anyone without first knowing what kind of teachings or experiences these other folks had. And helping them whenever I could!

Granddadd Ladd

This thread is opened again for comments

Granddad Ladd. 

Did I scare Ralph   off?  

I certainly did not want to do that. 

But somehow he got it in his head that that it was my fault that  the state of New York was not drilling for gas and oil. He made no effort to make any inquiries on his own.

The internet is here for everyone to look up whatever information this wish to find out about.  However they need to process in their mind as to what is bull S*** and what is the truth.   In other words, KEEP AN OPEN MIND!  I asked Ralph to provide a few facts but all he did was to try to intimidate me time and time again.   And that is not going to work!

Granddad Ladd


There are several spreadsheet programs that can be loaded free on your computer.  

With a spreadsheet you can ascertain the accuracy of the royalty statements received with your royalty check.

Best of all you can compare one month's figures with the next one, all on the same screen.

The statements we receive from Eclipse, (Montage), are so small that we have to use a magnifying  glass to read it.

Their statements could be printed in a much larger print so they would be easier to read by all of us.   It is almost as if they do not want royality receivers to check the statements!

With a spreadsheet there is a bit of "learning" to do before  a person becomes adept with them. But once you familiarize yourself with how they work and can set up your own personal template, the rest is not hard to do.

Comments please.

Granddad Ladd


Seems like the last few years deer season has dwindled to practically   zero in Westfield Township. I have only heard three or four shots and they were not very close.  Not more then 4 years ago the area here was overrun with hunters scouting the area day and night hoping to locate a buck or two.  And then the first day a dozen shots would ring out as soon as it was light enough to see.

Our local sporting goods store was inundated by hunters looking to buy ammunition and other hunting supplies.  Not anymore! And the local hotels and taverns were doing lots of business.

A few months ago My wife and I like to take rides around the area just to get away from the house for awhile.. As often as not we would see several deer. There might be two or three in a group or as many as five or six in a group.   One day we counted about 28 deer within a two mile area.

Deer hunters, (especially neighbors, land owners and friends), used to form "DRIVES" to  chase deer to places where other hunters would wait hoping to shoot one. 

One hunter, I wont identify him, would send his wife and boys out to chase deer and then using "Walkie Talkies" would radio him to tell where the deer were likely to cross or appear.  He would drive to that area and sit in his warm car with a powerful long range rifle and shoot any deer, legal or not appearing.

I confronted him one day when he stopped by a favorite deer crossing area. When he got really feisty and asked me, "What business of mine", I told him that he and his friend were no longer permitted to cross or trespass on my property!

A day or two later I happened to see him drive past my home. Right behind him was the local police with his red lights flashing.  The cop talked with him for the better part of an hour.  He never drove or hunted up our way again as far as I know.

Other neighborhood friends had mention to me about him and his hunting style.  I heard later that it cost him three hundred dollars for shooting one of his neighbors cattle because it strayed into his yard.   

This incident took place many years ago!

Granddad Ladd

GdL - did the Saturday opener change how hunters approached your area?   Did it help?

To FarmGas

One big change is that there no longer are lights flashing across the property and in our windows by  people looking to see if the deer are feeding just after dark. Used to be dozens of vehicles traveling slowly up and down hoping to see groups of deer and possibly great looking bucks amongst them. Every year starting in late fall cars began to crawl along shining spotlights every which way. None at all this year.

Hunters used to congregate at Ackley's sporting goods store almost a week previously to the opening day, supposedly to swap information and stock up on supplies. But then that store changed hands and pretty much disappeared as far as hunters were concerned.

I never hunted much and I do  see deer, an occasional bear  and turkeys. Used to be lots of squirrels, a few grouse wandering around the farm too.  My grandparents avoided cutting hickory and any tree that produced nuts like hickory, beechnuts or anything the animals might eat.

Years ago My great grandfather and later his offspring had a fairly large cider press. Many folks came to use it. Apple seeds and the leavings were fed to the cattle and lots of apple  trees  sprung up in the old pastures.  Of course deer, squirrels and just about ever other creature enjoyed any apples that they found.  And so did I and my  family.

Granddad Ladd


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