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The English language is sometimes very confusing.  What seems innocent to one person is totally inappropriate to another.  Take the word, "There."  Their,  They're. Easy to confuse the meanings of each spelling of this word.     These chat groups are taking great care as to what is being posted.     Any comments?        Granddad Ladd 

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Hi WAL,   Thanks for sharing, Sorry you’re not getting many replies.  I guess I’ll throw a couple comments and/or statements out here.

 First I’d like to comment on this past deer season.   Ever heard of a farmer getting a nuisance permit because they got a punctured tractor tire from a deer shed?    One of my jackass neighbors received a permit and whacked over 2 dozen deer.   The Amish took out over 30 coyotes a few years ago but now with all the dead deers from 2018 the coyotes have rebounded.   Still got my doe and buck this year but man things we’re slow.  

 Second Id like to comment on the 20K members on GMS .  people at some point move on and never come back to close their account , probably only a small fraction of members currently using this site... most of which are flippers these days, Hell we even got flipper cheerleaders on this site.   This cheerleader phenomenon occurs after a flipper posts a comment ....  usually either  their daily doom and gloom post or after advising a gms member  it’s best to sell their minerals.  Three or four cheerleader flippers reply , to back up whatever the 1st flip said.    It’s amazing teamwork I tell you,  sheer brilliance .

If you wanna start a conversation and get a lot of eyes and a lot of replies...Mention something about selling your minerals. 

 A great gms philosopher flipper once wrote :  Warren Buffett has no clue what he’s talking about , you’re supposed to sell low and buy high.    That’s the climate we’re in right now , these flippers are suggesting that  desperate mineral owners sell their assets when the market is at the lowest point it has been in years.     Flippers are about the only ones left on this site ,  but not for long  , due to the inevitable layoffs.   I’m about over this site as well.     these flippers have made this site a huge buzz kill!  

Everyone knows The industry has been on a decline, we also knows the energy industry is a cylindrical cycle.

Who the hell wants to come here and read article after article about  hydrocarbon doom and gloom?   Others have already left and I’m headed to the new and improved site for mineral owners.  I know it won’t be long before the flips find and ruin that site too but for now things are great ...It’s much like this site used to be.  

 Some might ask why I sound so harsh to these poor flippers.  Answer: Past interactions and experiences. 

  One warm summer day a few years back , I met this flip.  let’s just call him mr non-disclosure for all intensive purposes....Unfortunately that’s the end of the story or so the lawyers say.   Since I’m a compassionate person I have decided to put money on Mr. nondisclosure’s books once he’s locked up ,so that he can buy some lube from commissary to make a stay more enjoyable .    

 I’m going to post a “no comment “ on your political commentary.   But I will tell you a little story.   I have a family member that is receiving royalties in PA .    He has always been a Republican and always voted Republican until 11/2020.      He is trying to convince other family members receiving royalties to vote Democratic if they want a huge royalty increase.    His philosophy is that if the Dems get in office They will slow down permitting or completely ban fracing which in turn will Dramatically increase the values Of oil and gas In terms of increased royalties payments.

A direct quote-“If I could get my royalties to double or triple I wouldn’t care if our president was making out on stage with his husband or if a woman was taking our guns away” -That’s an eyebrow raiser

I guess I’ll check back in a couple months, after a few rounds of layoffs... after the dust settles .

see ya

Interesting!  Your posting has amused me somewhat. Having lived for 85 plus years, And having watched the changing world situation and usually not understanding what is going on, I became somewhat of an "introvert".

Partly because of an injury in childhood that caused incessant bullying, I spent much time alone trying to figure out what in hell was life all about anyway.

The path thru life led me to being a small part of the early space race. Tracking the early rockets and recording Alan Shepard's trip into space as he successfully rode on the end of his rocket was a hi point of my adult life.

A simple farm boy being drafted and really not interested in anything much but living out his life as simply as possible.  Riding a tractor for hours at a time and sitting at a neighboring farm pond fishing sparked my brain to wonder more about life and what it meant. What was the purpose of all of this anyway?  Watching a couple of friends getting married and they being unsuccessful in their marriage and my hormones being held under control kept me single until I was about 30. Only after watching a couple of little "Rug Rats" that had little chance of a happy life, I stepped in and became their "step Daddy"

Those years were pretty good for the most part. At the time I did not realize that some very tiny moments would become the seeds for interesting stories, let alone some very precious moments to relive in declining years.  

18 years of raising these two stepchildren and dealing with their mother and entering into a new phase of life and I began to  write those incidents on paper. Little by little this evolved to learning to type, acquiring a word processor and a short course in  "CREATIVE WRITING FOR CHILDREN."

A second wife, (and you wont believe how I acquired her.) And an adventure in itself!

Thirty four years later, A wife, A biological son and two biological  grandsons, one 14 the other almost 4 are my reward.

Now I am just marking time until I pass into Oblivion! 

Hopefully the oil and gas industry will soon find new markets.  And the generations of Ladd's to come will still have ownership of my property. I am the fifth generation of my family to own it now.

Great to read your posting. I come here a couple or more times daily to the internet to read and wonder at what the final purpose of life is!

Granddad Ladd

Seems to me that lots of folks have no idea that huge changes are being made every day. Not only in the oil and gas industry but in just about everything we do.

Sometimes these changes are totally unexpected and often result in an entirely different path in a person's life.

Taking myself as an example for instance.  

When I was a little boy of about 5 years old, my own life was instantly altered. I made a bad choice.  My father had also had foreseen my curiousity  and tried to protect me as best as he could.  

Here is what happened. I had managed to find a way into my father's workshop between the slatted door he had installed to keep me out when he was not there. Two  slats were just a tiny farther apart....just enough that I was able to squeeze between them. So one day I squeezed thru these slats and began playing with his tools. I found a hack saw blade and put it into the vise on his workbench. I started bending it when it broke and flew out of that vise. On part of that hacksaw blade hit me in the eye. It hurt like crazy. I managed to crawl back out between the slats before my mother came to find out why I was screaming. It hurt so badly that I would not let her look right then.  Later a few hours later, at the supper table the pain was now gone. However my parents noticed the contents of my eye was oozing out. A hurried trip to the hospital with a surgeon already waiting for me, it was determined that the eyeball could be saved, but not the eyesight. The lens had been destroyed.

I would be blind in one eye maybe for the rest of my live. The other eye was disfigured and very noticeable.  Depth perception was no longer available for me.  No one wanted to play with someone that looked different and could not catch or hit a ball. 

This was going to change me and affect my future. 

What I am saying here is life can be changed in an instant. I made a poor choice that afternoon.  Is there any blame to lay on someone? Dad tried to safeguard me. Only a small fraction of an inch closer of these slats could have prevented the loss of sight of my one eye.

Dealing constantly with curious kids and even adults was a constant problem. And always brought a replay of that incident every time it was mentioned.

Granddad Ladd

As a result I spent much time pondering why folks behave the way that they do. Often fears of their parents, (not fears from parents toward their offspring), but serious problems brought on by the situations of parents lifetime, being instilled in their offspring. caused many difficulties for their offspring.

So becareful what you teach your kids!

I also learned to THINK FOR MYSELF and not to always take the teachings of others as the truth.

I like to use this example as to what I mean.   

Two people are looking the same tree but from opposite sides of that tree.  One person sees a beautiful well proportioned tree with all the branches intact and well leafed out.

The other person sees a tree that is mishapened, limbs broken down. Leaves stripped off many branches and may appear to be half dead.


Even with one eye the army draft board sent me one of the famous "WELCOME" letters.  Eventually after basic training and electronic instrument schooling I was  assigned to the signal corp. base at Ft Monmouth  New Jersey.  From there a group of us were sent to Homestead AFB in Florida. This was during the space race. Our job was to track the very early rockets from Cape Canaveral. 

Having the use of only one eye was no problem for the job I was doing. Being a country boy, walking around in a dark wooded area at night that was infested with snakes, was not a fearful  thing for me.  I had to changes batteries before each test. several were back to back! we were on call 24/7. But we had lots of time off and we were on our own, Just 4 of us Pfc's army signal corp. men doing our job. No crap to put up with from AFB officers or cadre.

Back to oil

A great discovery was made before oil use was very prevalent.  It seems that many folks that had the inclination to really look at oil, used their brain power to look closely at this new substance. Other folks thought they saw a great way to make a huge fortune if they could only buy in or help these other folks with financing their research. And of course much money was eventually added to their bank account.  

But right now an unforeseen event has taken place for us all. Unfortunetly     Oil and gas and their difficulties have now taken a back door retreat. Corona Virus has taken over. The complete earth's population has been affected. 

The world seems to have been turned upside down. In fact, one site has said, 'The great economic advances of the last 11 years of the  U.S. have been lost in just five months.' 

So now what do we do? One thing not to do is start laying fault on anyone. Get your brain power busy and start over. To lay down and cry like a little baby is not the least bit helpful unless you are actually a baby! Then your mother could come and help you.

Having said this, Better start Looking around for something you can do. 

Granddad Ladd


Seems like the majority of the human population has only learned to MOAN and GROAN about their present condition. And often they have learned it from their parents. These moaner's and groaner's have made choices. And now today they might have a new car or have remodled their houses. But the also have huge commitments to banks and other financial institutions that they cannot honor!  Along comes a serious health scare and they have absolutely no  source of income or  any reserve to carry them over the days, months or years ahead that this health scare might be with us.

Younger folks do not listen to their elders who have already been thru some of these bad times. 

They have the  idea that Gramma and Granddad do not know anything at all!

Granted, the younger generation will have a different world to live in but the lessons of life are pretty much the same.  We all come into the world naked and usually crying. We all need food and warmth and shelter.  Some of do not have enough of any of these things but we survive anyway while we are tiny babies.  Back thru the ages Gramma and Granddad did the best as they could. Gas and  oil made things much easier for their offspring to be taken care of.. But when these offspring grew to adulthood, Gramma and Granddad seemed to be right in the way.  Many of the offspring  decided their elders were no longer needed, so why listen to anything they had to say?  

Offspring had no idea of the depression of 1929 or the ww2 war and the total blackouts at night we had to deal with. Maybe plenty of work to be had during these war years.  But many items were not available  any place. Folks had victory gardens. They raised much of their own meat if they had a place to do it.

Oh yes oil and gasoline  was rationed along with tires and many other items too.

So stop MOANING AND GROANING! and get busy with what skills and talents you have.

Granddad Ladd

Does Trump deserve the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? 

He apparently decided that he should receive that coveted PEACE PRIZE.

I always thought that a person does not suggest himself that he receive any award unless it is agreed by a competent group decides that indeed such a person has actually done something to warrant such a prestigious award.

Comments please...………….Granddad Ladd 

Is there any truth that Trump is considering banning Social Chat Groups?  Is it possible that he could do that? Are the citizens of our country willing to accept that tightening of the noose around their necks?

Comments Please


I hope you are right Farmgas.  But by going by his trait of rapidly changing his  decisions almost from month to month of what he says he is going to do or not do leaves plenty of doubts! 

I think a good leader must have the respect of his followers, plus he also must show respect to people who he does not agree with.  To write them off as imbeciles or escapees of a mental hospital will never allow any kind of trust!  Plus make it that much harder to work with those  folks that you do not agree with.  

After reading some of the postings on the internet, (aside from this particular site), It almost looks as if Trump has lost his ability to even make any statement of any kind concerning the present situation, or effect the entire world has over the KNEEING OF THAT BLACK MAN  AND HIS DEATH BY THAT POLICE OFFICER!

A question, Does Trump have a "TIGER BY THE TAIL" and has no way to let go? 

Granddad Ladd

My wife and I needed a little help gathering winter's wood supply a year or so ago.  Two piles of useable logs from the pipeline across our property had been piled up waiting for disposable. A young man that we knew had offered to prepare our wood supply.  We could repay him by allowing him to hunt, pick ginseng and berries that grew on our farm.  Our barn had also fallen and he wanted to salvage a few pieces to build a little deer hunting shack. Everything went pretty good and we had no problem with him.

It was coming cold weather. Hoping to speed him up on the woodcutting I offered to let him half of the wood for payment.  Previous to this he used my log splitter and we paid him for his work. And he did a good job.....We had no complaints.

However he came one day and said he needed a new chain for his chainsaw. He objected buying it a  local outlet saying that " He could buy it cheaper at another place."  But right now he was waiting for his helper to show up.  He left supposedly to purchase his new chainsaw part.  and would be back a little later.  

A few days later saying that he needed oil for his saw. I had several quarts left in a gallon container. "Fill your saw and bring the container back!" He took the  nearly full container and I never saw it again. Supposedly he would be coming back that day to cut my wood.

 Each time he came, there was always some excuse why he could not go to work cutting my wood. "My buddy and I are going for a cup of coffee.  Or maybe he needed a new tire for his vehicle.  Or he and his wife were going after groceries a little later."

One day he came and saw that I had a large pile of firewood cut and split.  He was not a bit happy to say the least.

I simply told him that winter was coming on and I was not going to wait any longer for him.  I had allowed him to use my property to hunt on, pick berries, ginseng  and build a deer blind from salvaged lumber.

We knew his family and Lu Ann had worked for his mother.  We went a very long way for him.  This all happened before Trump got to be president and the Covid-19 pandemic.

He was young, heathy, well able to work. He simply blew his chance with us and also any chance we would give  a good reference about his reliability.

Granddad Ladd


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