OBSERVATIONS AND OFF HAND COMMENTS.......NEW POSTING JUNE 7, 2020..... An acquaintence looking for work. And his helpfulness.

The English language is sometimes very confusing.  What seems innocent to one person is totally inappropriate to another.  Take the word, "There."  Their,  They're. Easy to confuse the meanings of each spelling of this word.     These chat groups are taking great care as to what is being posted.     Any comments?        Granddad Ladd 

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I have noticed that many gas workers and folks have their own "Jargon".  Sometimes I have to punch up a word being used in order to understand what is being talked about.   An education in itself. I presume just about every group or industry has its own way of using a special word in their work...….A word not ordinarily used by most folks.

A person should never be considered stupid or ignorant if he does not understand a word he or she has not heard before.   But it could cause much strife and even lower the self image for some folks......Even to the point that an otherwise bright person might  walk away from good friends.

We recently received an invitation to join a local neighborhood group.  A help group maybe?  Personally I am leery of such groups.  The group might be a great help for anyone in need.  But on the other hand it could very well be some sort of scam.  The invitation was not signed.  Many of my neighbors have live on our  road for many years. When someone needed help, all they need do was to ask.  Did not matter what kind of help was needed. 

I think now that I am the longest resident up Broughton hollow road.  Almost 70 years  continusly.   Many changes have taken place. Six new houses have been built. 

Granddad Ladd

Just for fun I took notice of the number of replies resulted from this particular thread.

So far, there are 78 "VIEWS".  No one bothered to make any comment aside of  the two I made.

HHMM!    With the kind of interest about gas industry and energy production in general plus other thoughts and ideas that may come to your mind,   why is it so difficult to make a comment?

If you are a member, You do have to "SIGN IN" to make a comment or posting.   But once you are posting, other folks are often willing to answer and even steer you to someone or some place where your posting can be answered.

Granddad Ladd

Something to think about;

The world I came from is much different then the world the present generation is growing up in.

For instance, Televison was not yet invented.  You could not just dial a phone and expect to talk with someone in a few minutes.  Even a few hundred miles away your phone call might be delayed hours and hours until  operators could make multipule connections to the person being called.   In the year 1946, the transistor was invented making it possible for just about every facet of communication  to come  about because of transistors.

Today you can make a phone call as you walk along the street or wherever you happen to be.  Think about that!!!!


You had to visit a library to look up facts to get a good grade in school. Today a few buttons can be pushed on a computer to instantly find something.

A good idea not to be too quick to find fault with folks that grew up in a previous generation!  It is also a good idea not to load your offspring up with the fears that you experienced.   Your offspring will have a whole new set of problems to deal with!  Some very serious, some non existant anymore.   

Comments please!

Granddad Ladd

Just a little reminder that life is not just entirely about oil and gas and filling bank accounts with dollar bills.  Family life and small humorous situations are important too.  As you approach the end of your allotted lease on life, very small moments of precious memories can become the very last thoughts  that pass thru your consciousness. 

Also to find fault and constantly bash  someone you do not agree with might just prove your own ignorance to others.

Granddad Ladd

Bill type in, '" Democrats Crap" what a surprise but really not expected.

Used to be some decent gas info here , turned into politics , guess not much happening in the way of gas news ... Just keep in mind , if the Dems take the White House , Tioga County and the rest of PA will be left out of the $$$$$$$ .. 

 Dems promise no Fracking ...

Back in August When I first started this thread, there was little  if any posting any place at all.  In order to keep up the interest in this entire site, I started posting other subjects, hoping to entice other members to at least voice their concerns and ask questions and get to know each other and their neighbors.  It has taken about 9 postings of mine on this particular thread to elicit any comment at all about anything.   

Considering the speeches from Mr. Trump  and all the personal unpleasant comments he made about so many people and cultures  and then his denial that he actually said these particular words should make us all wonder exactly what is really going on with him?  How many people has he brought into his cabinet, extoling the wonderful choice he has made and then a few weeks later booted them out and replaced them with someone else?

Oh and by the way I did punch in these words on the internet search blank. You can read his comments yourself and the replies both for and against Mr Trump.

The gas and oil industry depends  very much on what world leaders decide to do, and how they perceive Mr. Trump. And that is how politics enters in the mix.

Granddad Ladd

Go ahead Mr Ladd , vote for those Dem's .... Watch your region suffer ....... 

 Trump has done more for Appalachia than any Dem in recent memory 

Well thank you Mr. Cramdon  for your permission, not that I really need it!    Here is a task for you. Please be kind enough to list all the great things he has done for Appalachia and be kind enough to provide documentation.  And explain why does he need help from other countries in order to ensure he wins the presidential election?  Can't he do it on his own? and if not, why not?

It has been said, "If you tell someone something enough times, eventually they will believe it even if it is a falsehood."   

Again...... I thank you for your INPUT to this site.  History will tell how it all turns out. 

Granddad Ladd

Appalachia / PA has thrived like it hasn't for many , many years ......... 

 Just to the west of Tioga lies some of the BEST gas wells in the world ......and plenty of locals have been given a second chance in life to get their economic house into a better situation ........

 Look at the tax receipts PA residents have received from the industry ,,,the would all be gone if the Dem's have their way ...... 

 How do you heat your home ? Gas ? Oil ? Wood ? 

 Gas / oil prices would go up ten fold and they love to ban wood burning as well ...... Solar panels in Appalachia ??? FUNNY !  

If you listen to the accusations from the democrats you realize that is exactly what they are guilty of. Trump will be able to clean this Socialist attack on our country up in his second term.


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