Has been the weather.  Dad always told about the "January thaw."  "He said that it might not show up until march but it always comes." 

But this year January has presented us with just about every day with temps approaching 40 degrees and sunshine for most of the winter season. A few hundred miles west and a few hundred miles south have been presented with miserable conditions.  Snow, cold weather, rain or freezing rain, tornadoes and flooding.

I would think that drilling companies would be taking advantage of this good weather  by preparing possible drilling sites.

But what do I know? They will wait until the blizzards, heavy snow storms and wind makes conditions miserable or nearly impossible to make any headway for future  activities.

Granddad Ladd

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Guess I posted too early.  Today being the 19 of January and for two days nothing but snow and cold windy weather.  Gas well drillers must have known it was going to turn cold and disagreeable here in Pennsylvania.

Hope other members have not been scared away from posting what little information comes their way by the new rules set forth by Kieth.

Granted, the price of gas has been bobbing up and down for many weeks now. Down to $2.00 if I read the quote right.

Gas people must be holding their breath as they watch the latest news.

Granddad Ladd


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