Shell has completed drilling a new well last week in Shippen Township. 

RE: Houck 433-2H

It is believed they drilled down to the Utica formation below the Marcellus formation they drilled at 433-1H.

Does anyone have any indication on how successful they were?

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I'd like to know too, thanks

They have not posted any production numbers yet.

The permit numbers are

117-21794 Houck 433 26H
117-21785 Houck 433 28H
You will find production here after they post that into...enter 117-21794 

Thanks Josie.

I'll be watching.

Shell just started fracking well 433-2H this morning.

Good to know. Seems Delmar is coming alive.

They are working Willard too. 

Houck 433 26H has made sales from this new Utica? shale well. May delivery was a gross volume of 232,029 of wet gas; June was 237,827. These volumes are 7 times the volumes from Houck 433 1H. Wow!

I didn't see any liquids reported on the DEP website. So if there is anything there besides gas and brine that would be interesting.

Shell's payment shows wet gas under "Product Disposition". They also use "wet gas" on product sold from 433 1H. The pipeline was laid in 2014. I assume that they are allowing the product (if it is in fact ethane) to boil over into gas and the unit value (1.54) is the same as the product coming from 433 1H.


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