Mr Trump has declared " A STATE OF EMERGENCY!"

Just a few weeks ago he commented that he was really not concerned about the "Coronavirus". And then yesterday late in the day he declared "a state of emergency "  I ask you what has changed?  Seems like he wanted to cut millions of dollars from health care. Now all of a sudden he appears to have open the flood gates (in a way of speaking) to provide research for vaccine for Coronavirus. Lately all the news channels have spent most of their time giving reports from around the globe about the possibility of a "PANDEMIC" caused by Coronavirus. Is he just looking for votes for the next election or maybe really scared about something else?   I don't know. Certainly the country is in an "UPROAR" now. All of Pennsylvania schools are closed. And so many of our normal daily activities are curtailed. 

I recall my father receiving a phone call one Sunday. He worked for the telephone company.  Hurriedly he spoke to my mother, "I've got to go to work. Don't know when I will be back!" And out the door he went. About that time the radio came on with a special report. President Roosevelt came on and said "PEARL HARBOR HAS BEEN ATTACKED!" I was only 7 years old at the time. And I knew nothing much about what was being said. 

But this announcement yesterday by Trump has brought back vivid memories of those war years. Mainly rationing of many items and school attendance time being adjusted to allow older kids to take the place of their adult siblings on the farms. 

How do you think this "State of emergency will play out?

Granddad Ladd

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Seems a bit overhyped, but then again the older portions of our population are in a high risk group. Look at Italy and now Spain - they mishandled the outbreak at first and it’s taking a large toll on their lives, let along their economy. I don’t think trump has a clue, it’s not like he’s a genius that is an expert in everything and the government mishandled the virus from the get go. The lack of test available made our numbers look very low at the beginning, but those number will go up dramatically once they sort out the cluster f surrounding the testing.

Take care of yourself granddad wash your hands and avoid people no reason to take a risk

I have been watching the news and it seems like far too many  people are going BONKERS because of Trumps  Declaration of the Coronavirus scare. It seems almost out of control now. 

President Roosevelt said these words, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself!"  This was about the start of WW2 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I think it would be wise if Trump would repeat these words of Roosevelt's on a "SPECIAL NEWS REPORT!"    Wit so many schools closed and no one to guide them. I'll bet that many kids will go to places to "hang out" like the local shopping centers and Malls.  Many kids will just get into trouble because of curtailed after school activities. 

Tempers will get out of control and fights will break out over the simplest disputes.  And what about visits scheduled for elective surgery?  Will hospitals allow  minor same day surgery? Or will these be canceled or postponed.  Older folks who only need to be check by their doctors on a 10 day scheduled very short visit will have to make  major changes if possible. 

I know of at least three elderly folks.....two in nursing homes  that are at risk for serious problems.   And a third that has been on Chemo and radiation treatments.  This third person has been sent  to live with her relatives. And is extremely difficult to deal with.

Talk about having "A TIGER BY THE TAIL AND AFRAID TO LET GO!"    

William Bendix, an old time radio actor use to say, "What a revolting development this is turning out to be!"

Granddad Ladd

The radio program was called, "THE LIFE OF RILEY".  One of the characters was "Digby O'Dell, The friendly undertaker."    He was a droll character at best. Often he and "Riley" would be talking and some incident came up. Riley would think about it for a  few seconds and close out their conversation with these words, "What a revolting development this is turning out to be!"

Granddad Ladd

I wonder if this will have a really disasterous effect on the economy as far as the gas and oil industry is concerned?  And I wonder if anyone is even looking at postings here at "Go Marcellus Shale" 

"NON ESSENTIAL businesses are supposed to be closed. But who determines what is "Non essential" and what is not?  So many questions need to be answered. My Nephew is debating if he should go to work or not? He is a contractor and has a job right now. Will he be able to acquire needed material if stores are closed down?

Granddad Ladd

Mr Trump has seemed to be listening to folks a bit better concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic. And he deserves credit for that!  He did say that the news channels "ALL hated him!"  

I do not think they hate him at all. If anything they are doing their jobs and trying to ascertain just what it is he wants to do. The reporters ask hard questions and he cannot answer them. Instead of giving a reasonable, he tends to try to make them feel foolish or even worse.

A good leader either has an answer or else says that he does not really know.  Trump's trait is to make others look ignorant!  No one, I don't care who it is, has all the answers to every problem that arises.  Only a fool would have those thoughts! And I do not think he is a fool.

He only needs to listen to other folks and maybe find a few of the answers we all need! It is going to take time and lots of input to consider the best path to take.

Oh and by the way. Nothing has been said lately about North Korea.   Are they having a crises too concerning the Coronavirus?  

Just wondering.

Granddad Ladd

Watching and surfing the internet I came upon a site that is questioning the  mental ability of him to really be the leader of our country.   Very interesting to say the least.  Granddad Ladd

Personally I do not think he was the best choice in many aspects.  I used to watch him during the TV shows previous to his run for president. He seemed too quick to make judgements of other people.

Granddad Ladd 

Just received information that essential motorists in Pennsylvania will have to carry a letter with them that allows them to be on the road. This information came from a visiting nurse who checks on  Lu Ann's recent surgery.  Probably will not affect us too much.

I still wonder when  election time rolls around that the Coronavirus scare has been totally laid aside and that the entire cure credited to a political decision made just at a right time by a particular party.

Another Observation is, Mother has many methods of culling out unwanted, unhealthy and otherwise too crowded conditions for the best use of available space!  Well Think about it!   Make a comment!

Granddad Ladd 

Granddad Ladd, 

I have read many of your words of wisdom here and I appreciate your experience.

Regarding your "mothers....culling" comment.  I wondered something similar a few days ago.  The weak and unhealthy will be wiped out and same for weak businesses.  

The net result might be a healthier planet but wow what a sobering thought. 

Thank you for replying.  I have put in 85 plus years and have seen many things take place. Being a farmer culling is about the only way that I know to improve egg production and lower feed costs.  But in nature this takes place constantly.  

All living things need a bit of luck to survive. First of all they need sustenance, water, nutrients and a safe place to grow. This holds true for plants and animals. A little luck is needed too. Plants are at a disadvantage because they cannot move out of the way or choose an area suitable for really great growth.  An animal can move and look for better and safer areas to live in.  They have the ability to choose. Plants do not.

Far too many people never get to the point of asking why  things happen. I like to dig very deeply to see what answers I come up with.  Now I am wondering if mother Nature is exerting her power or is this an artificial  situation being played on the citizens?  Time will tell!

Granddad Ladd

Looks like PANDORA'S BOX has been opened..And all the human miseries  been allowed to escape!

Granddad Ladd

Has anyone heard about mail service might have to be curtailed?  Mail service collects fees to pay for their service. But now many workers are experiencing problems with Coronavirus and cannot work. So many of us receive necessary deliveries by way of this service. For instance our royality checks. There are plenty of other important letters and vital notices that are delivered by our mail carrier.  So how is that going to affect you?  As great as it is, not everyone is connected to the internet. 

Our vehicle will no longer pass inspection.  A few rust spots can easily invalidate an otherwise great vehicle.  Lu Ann and I are facing a problem of transportation to doctor's offices. I still drive whenever we need to go for groceries or health care. Looks like the auto industry wants to sell everyone a new car and anything with rust on it needs to be scrapped. 

Looks like just another way to tighten the noose around the citizens who are willing to disagree with the leaders of the various countries of the world.

Comments please     GRANDDAD LADD


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