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Good advice.  Be ready for the "reason".

News report about a $1,000,000 fine in Tioga county Pennsylvania for a leaking Impoundment. 

Any one have information on this?

Granddad Ladd

It's old, check out MDN yesterday.

Thank you fellows for bringing me up to date on this million dollar fine. I did hear about the gas pipe explosion near Pittsburg a day or so ago. It was thought that a land slide had a hand in the failure of pipeline. Fortunately it was not in operation yet but just being tested. I spose that with the over abundance of rain any new excavation is going to settle unevenly. Hillside pipeline ROWs are very apt to wash trenches or even completely away.

I expect that if we get much of that rain from that hurricane "Florence" that the  pipeline "ROW" across our land might  tend to  slide again. There are wet weather springs at the very top of the pipeline  "ROW" that could easily start cutting away the soil.

Granddad Ladd

You're welcome.  I heard the same information about the ETP pipeline in Beaver, that it washed away. and wondered if they had fully.taken into account the difference between PA and the flatter terrain of the southwest. I hope Florence does not damage any/the pipeline on your property.  Although necessary to reap the benefits of shale drilling, and great feats of engineering, constuction, and design, gathering, and especially transmission lines are not to be taken lightly.  I I invite you to look into the "double ditch method", and decide if we are striking the right balance between capitalizing on these opportunities swiftly and considering risks.  

Good morning Brent.

Cardinal did have to do some repair work on our ROW a few months after it was completed and the grass seed had been applied and had a few inches of growth.  I had not even noticed any problem until Cardinal had brought in an excavator and was making repairs.  As far as I can see Cardinals repairs were effective!  Tetra took over the ROW and installed a much larger water line from an impoundment to facilitate the second well on the Painter pad. A couple weeks ago Tetra rolled up their waterline and removed booster pumps. I  happened to be driving by and stopped to visit a moment or two. I identified myself, but they already were familiar me as being the owner.  Nothing was mentioned about any problem with washing or soil sliding on the slope.

But with all this rain and the springs on top and the possibility of a whole lot more rainfall from the hurricanes we might experience this fall, you can be sure I will keep a close eye on the situation.

The Tetra worker I spoke with said a more permanent waterline from the impoundment was planned next year. 

A couple years ago a serious washing appeared on a ROW crossing route 349 a few miles south of Sabinsville.  Repair crews had to come back two or three times to do major repairs to the sliding of soil. I always take a look at this particular whenever we drive by that particular ROW.

Granddad Ladd


Grenddad Ladd--- heard NPR program on PADCNR property drillled and completed the other day.  Surprisingly positive, except reclaimed pad site area, heavy equipment parking areas, ingress/egress ROWs, etc. was different soil make-up like Old Timer alludes to below and above.  My takeaway was that flooding would be greater depending on landscape, reclaimed soil would not absorb rain water.  Not apples to apples (different operators, different methids) but is something to consider.  Have a great day!

I'll bet they are getting their millings from Broughton hollow road! They removed about 5 or so inches of old asphalt and hauled it away.  Many years ago the road was paved over with a thin layer of "oil and chips". More years went by and a couple of layers of finer gravel was put down. A few years after, everything was dug up and mixed with more oil or a thicker mixture of asphalt  and gravel and rolled in again.  Every so often potholes opened up and certain areas deteriorated  and then patching here and there took place.

I recall deep ruts and a pot hole about the size of a basket ball popping up every spring just up hill from where Ken Tombs lives now.  A great place for an unsuspecting driver to tear a wheel right off of his vehicle if he dropped a wheel in it. 

Jim Gigee and I used to plow snow up the reservoir hill and spread cinders on the twp roads by hand afterward.  A cold miserable task to say the least!

Granddad Ladd

We had to make a trip to town this morning. Trucks were dumping loads just a few hundred feet up hill from our driveway.  Loaded trucks were backing up the hill below our drive to take their turns to dump their loads. I don't know where they turned around before backing up the hill...….Maybe down where the Green gate is on the east side across from the new log house.    Been driving and riding on this road for almost  84 years. I recall wondering how Dad was going to get us through that swamp and rutty area right off of route 49.  We never got stuck there however. The original road was named Tuttle Brook after my Great grandfather Ayres Tuttle. Road was built on Tuttle property.  Used to be lined with Maple trees on the west side. Still a few of them left up the hill from our drive way.

Granddad Ladd

Went after the mail a few minutes ago. East lane is paved. Looks like it is about 5 inches thick!    Wow!  A worker spoke about heavy truck traffic.  I did  ask him if he knew anything about increased truck traffic. He was non committal in his answer. . Asked about doing something about water run off down our driveway. He explained  their normal procedure concerning this problem.

Granddad Ladd

I'll send a truck load of gravel over the next time I talk to the "White Hat".



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