The ROW for connecting these two wells were finally approved a couple of weeks ago. Landman was very busy contacting landowners to lay out a mutually agreeable route. A few "doglegs" to get around wet areas were found and marked out. A huge tree cutting machine was brought in along with other log handling machinery and excavators and bulldozers to clear away stumps and the many roots.  After about two weeks of dry choking dusty preparation a trenching machine went to work. It seemed to move only an inch a second or less. After four days the "ditch witch" has  crossed Broughton Hollow road, topping the next ridge and is about to start down to route 349.

Several truck loads of gas pipe has been seen heading toward the Painter well. I presume in a few days we will observe twelve inch pipe snaking down toward Broughton Hollow road and up the western side. It has been said that another pipeline carrying water will  also be laid on this ROW, eventually to be buried. Two other wells supposedly are in the plans for future drilling on or near the Painter well.

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Thanks for the update!

Turns out there is  16 inch pipes being brought in for this pipeline and not 12 inch as I was told. I estimate that at least a third of the pipe sections have actually been place along the ROW between Painter well and the Aplanalp  well site. I usually drive to the ROW each day to take photos and hopefully visit a few minutes with anyone that is not busy at the moment. The photos will be made into an album for our son and grandson to look at in years to come. In effect, a bit of history being recorded  as it happens, to the property that has been owned by our family for six generations.

In the last 82 years that I have lived here nothing has really made such a drastic change in the Westfield area until this Marcellus shale deposit and the fracking of it came into development.

Is it good or is it bad?  I have to admit that I have conflicting feelings about it!

does anyone know what company is doing the pipeline?

After many days of unable to access this site, I can answer.

The company overseeing is Cardinal. Other contractors were doing the actual work.  Pipe has been strung out and welded together for the entire length as far as I can see. It still has some sections such as under roads and creeks that need to be bored underneath for crossing them. As far as I know none of the pipe has been place in the trench as yet.


Thank You.    Today is the first I have been able to get on here also. 

Today is Sunday the 31 of July. Some of that the welded pipe has been laid in the trench and possibly buried. I could not see for sure about being buried. Where the pipe crosses the road several auger lengths and the power unit to turn them have been deposited near the road crossing. A short section of  track has been installed on the lower side of the road. I presume this track is to guide the boring unit and engine to revolve these auger sections under the road.

The welded sections west of the road are still on cribbing next to the trench as far as I can see and possibly even across the top and down the other side to route 349.

It was said that the pipe line was scheduled to be completely finished by September.

As of August 17, 2016 most of the pipeline from the Painter well to Abplanalp well has been installed, or at least as far as I can see.  There are a few short sections like under the roads and creek beds that are not quite finished yet. This last week we have had several very heavy rain storms. Short periods of rain but coming down in bucketsful. I presume there were places where work was delayed on account of mud and standing rainwater.  On my property a standpipe was installed supposedly for use as some sort of vent if ever needed. A chainlink fence is to be put around that standpipe when all work is finished. Another pipeline for water is to be installed temporarily from the Abplanalp property and the water  is said to be pumped from the Cowanesque river to a holding facility. It is unclear to me but something was said that the water pipeline will also be buried eventually.

That chainlink fence has now been installed around that standpipe. Also today, it looks like a route has been marked out for the waterline along side of the gas pipeline.

Now for a personal note

Lu Ann and I became Grandparents of a baby boy Thursday night. Somehow that little boy managed to bring a "LOCK DOWN" to part of the hospital. Apparently he peed on the ankle bracelet the used to keep track of new babies.

That's my Grandson making a statement of his opinion of the world. And he is only two days old!

Bill L.

As of this date 9/8/2016 the ROW pipeline has been pretty much completed. Topsoil has been replaced. There is a stand pipe a few feet from Broughton road that is to have a safety fence put around it. This stand pipe is said to be for releasing pressure on the line if need be. Seeding and water run off diverts have been completed I believe.

One complaint I have is that two piles of saleable logs were not put where I can access them easily. The third pile was placed exactly where I wanted them put. That third pile has been converted into firewood sized pieces that I and my wife can handle by a friend that does this kind of work

Bill L.


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