It is official......

I drove past the old Shell office outside of Wellsboro today along Route 6 and they have now changed all all the signs and logo to Seneca.....

Hopefully they are reputable and easy to deal with as Shell surrendered my lease a few months ago

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rumor- BG gas bought Dominion. BG gas is Shell?

Didn't receive a check from Seneca this month so far anyone else?

Berkshire Hathaway bought Dominion energy.

How will this purchase by Berkshire Hathaway impact the operations of Dominion in Pennsylvania?  

Berkshire will probably flip it for profit.

We just got a certified letter that Seneca "intends to plug and abandon a gas well in the area of the property listed above", meaning the Kennedy 137D well. It was nice while it lasted.

137D is not in production thats just an abandon test well they have to plug that safety reasons.

Yes paleface, the Kennedy 137 1D was the original East well at this pad, drilled primarily to HBP the lease acreage. Never produced.

east and shell left several of those to be plugged.

I received notice from a water well testing company that Seneca intended to plug and abandon the two wells on the Cruttenden Pad recently.  There is an old East HBP well on that pad, down to the Marcellus.  They made no mention of plugging that well.  There also is a similar well up on the old Walt Owlett pad, drilled by East down to the Marcellus.  They made no mention of this well either.

Hello,  I have been away for some weeks now and have lost track of what  the Painter wells  in Westfield township are doing. I have a few acres in that particular drilling unit. And have seen the production decreasing just about every month.   One big problem is that the monthly statement of production is printed in such a small  size it is nearly impossible to read it, let alone to  make any sense of it. Does any one else have that complaint?          Granddad Ladd      

Check came today 2/1/2021 Senaca paid $2.49 great price.


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