This site like many others is only concerned about how much money can individuals, corporations and others extract money and power from each other.

Hours and hours are spent trying to figure how to word or use existing laws or rules to intimidate the other fellow to comply with the wishes of someone else.

But there is something much more important in having a great life then all the damn money in creation.

There is always someone who wants to have complete control of everyone else's life! Thoughts, lifestyle, where he can live, where he can go and what he can do.

What kind of a condition is that to live in?

Seems like human beings always create bigger problems then they solve! Oh sure some groups do live better and have just about all that they want. But if you look at it closely it is always at great expense of some other group of folks.

Bill L.

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Bill; I'm not sure at what level you are talking, but that's why I pushed for a 'no surface disturbance' clause in my lease. It seems like a 'win-win': the gas company can have all the gas it can extract, and it doesn't affect me or my property at all. Of course this is all theory, since they seem to have completely lost interest in my property...they likely will let my lease expire. Still, the lease money was nice...a big chunk of cash for no effort on my part.

I am not talking about money, Marcellus or anything like that.

 I am  talking about living and life. To focus your entire thinking processes on how to fatten your bank account seems to me to be a very poor choice for enjoying a full life!

There are so many other things to look at as a person ages that will bring a happy life and productive life.

Sitting in a huge pile of dollar bills with the only thought anything else but acquiring more of them in a person's mind seems pretty stupid.

Bill L.

You are fully entitled to your opinion as to what constitutes a "full life".  The opinions of others differ.  Deal with it.  Other people are not "stupid" merely because they disagree with you.

Hi Frank, probably the word that I used, (Stupid) was not the proper word.  And maybe focusing entirely on only one thing, be it money, clothes or whatever seems to be cutting yourself, ( not you personally), short for a chance to experience many of the pleasures or gifts that are offered to a person.

If you have offspring that you really care for, which I do by the way, The choices I make today will affect the lives of these offspring of mine. For instance I could strip all of the timber from my property and leave nothing but bare earth for them.  And then spend all the proceeds for expensive gas guzzling automobiles. And leaving nothing to cover my final expenses. 

Some of the people I know who have lived very high on the hog, so to speak for a few years are now deeply in debt. Their friends no long come near since the money has dried up, They are constantly looking out their window to see if the sheriff has pulled up to their door.

Certainly having a  great income, lots of money and thinking it will continue is not the brightest  thought or most intelligent choice they ever had or made!

Oh and thank you for your reply.


Exactly the idea that I am trying to get across Josie. But some folks are a bit to focused on one thing or another to really enjoy what comes their way.

Someone once said, "Dogs don't have much and are happy with they have. Cats, on the other hand don't know what they want but they want more of it!"

I think it was one of the TV Court Judges that said these words.

I read as many of your postings as I have time to get to. This is a pretty good site for landowners to read and learn about the oil and gas well industry.

I thank you much for your comments.

 Bill L.

I think that I understand what you mean, Bill. I am a Landman who has leased oil and gas property in WV, OH and PA, and have found that, with a few exceptions, the income that people have received, instead of being viewed as a blessing and a way to help their families and others, has left many people embittered because, "The Landman screwed me", 'The oil and gas company screwed me", My neighbor got more bonus than I did", "The company reduced, or is taking deductions from my royalty"...the list goes on and on.  Fortunately, I started with nothing and have been able to hang on to most of it.  As we near this time of Thanksgiving, it may be wise for all of us to give thanks for what we have - whether it be little or much.  You may have heard that you never see a U Haul behind a hearse, meaning we don't take anything with us.  Hopefully, those who have been blessed with income from oil and gas properties will use some of that income to bless others.  I personally know of a couple in Potter County who purchased a vehicle for their Pastor, who was in sore need of one, with part of their bonus money from a lease.  It touched my heart and I hope that it touches yours.  May God bless you all!

Bill L.

I agree with you on the macro scale of life.  That is not why this group was established or why I joined.  To me, this group is about getting treated fairly.  I worked hard throughout my life to create the kind of life you describe.  In the process I purchased property.  When the drilling craze started, I signed a contract.  While I expected both sides to honor the contract, I feel that has not happened.  I feel I have been robbed, just as if someone broke into my house and stole from me.  Add to that the arrogance of some of these gas/oil companies and it pisses me off!!

With all that said, this is a very small part of my overall "life".  I have much more important aspects of my life, the most important being family.


Martha, from Oklahoma:   I thoroughly enjoyed the posts I've been reading.  This group has a lot of insight obviously. 

In a deal like this leasing business, whether it be for pipeline or well drilling,  the land owner might think early on that he will get a great and lucrative deal. But after he thinks about it for a while,  he realizes that some important facts were not even considered.

None of us, I don't  care who you are, can possibly se the entire picture.  Oh sure you can see a small part of it where it alone concerns you personally. 

Each one of has different values.  The long haul trucker wants good safe roads and safe bridges to cross on his route.  Our area has had just about all the bridges upgraded in the county. Road surfaces have been repaved.  Many of the back roads have been widened, the ruts and potholes and rocks that tear out the bottom of even the  toughest trucks are passable by a new car safely.

I can remember when our own road had ruts a foot deep in places. One place had a spring break thru the middle of the road each year. It was only about a foot in diameter.  All the neighbors knew about it and either straddled it or went around it. One day a strange vehicle was in a great hurry. He hit that hole so hard that his car jumped high enough that I could see daylight under the bottom of his tires.  He continued to drive on but Ill bet he had major damage to his vehicle.

The point I am making here is exactly what Josie has posted above so well.

Appreciate what you have and appreciate what your forefathers sacrificed  so you could have a better life!

Make the best choices that you can for yourself and offspring!

 Bill L.

Dennis - What, specifically, do you feel has not been honored in your contract?  A contract is legally enforceable, so if one party does not perform as prescribed by the contract, there are legal remedies.  As far as the "arrogance of some of these oil and gas companies" goes, what do you mean?  If there is a difference in your understanding of your contract, between you and a company that doesn't go your way-that is not arrogance, but the way it is.  I am curious as to exactly how you feel "robbed".  These are strong words, so why don't you give us some specifics, instead of general statements that are really not helpful to anyone.  For example, you could warn mineral owners of something to look out for when they sign a lease, or a problem that you have had with a specific company, (you mentioned oil and gas companies-plural, but in my experience, most people deal with only one), but ranting about unspecific feelings that you have does not help anyone .  If you truly feel that your contract has not been adhered to, seek the advice of a competent attorney.  They can confirm if you have been mistreated and can recommend a course of action, devoid of personal feelings and with a full understanding of the contract and the facts.

Hi Ken -

My response to the original poster Bill, was to try and tell him this site is a one aspect of my life.  The way I read Bill's letter, he was reading the posts and figuring the people posting here are only concerned about the amount of money they have and how to generate more.  Having money and wanting more is only a means to an end for me, not what I am all about.

My additional responses about leases and royalty payments did nothing to support my argument.  Seeing as you are a former land man I understand why you would take exception to my general comments. 



I am still a Landman, although I was only working in Northern PA for about a year, and I take no exception, as we have never met.  My comments were directed as to why a person would be unhappy with a contract that they signed.  Do you feel that you were misinformed or did the company not adhere to what they had promised in writing?  As I said, there are remedies for failure to follow contract language.  My general sense is that many people feel anger or distrust for E&P companies, (and Landmen) without really having a specific complaint or a particular bad experience that they wish to inform others about.  I have read general comments, (not yours, in particular), like, "All Landmen are liars", "The oil and gas company is engage in criminal acts", etc.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes is attributed as saying, "no generalization is wholly true...including this one". (I paraphrased and cleaned the language up a bit).  It does sound that you do have the proper perspective, though, and I wish you and your family the very best.


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