This site like many others is only concerned about how much money can individuals, corporations and others extract money and power from each other.

Hours and hours are spent trying to figure how to word or use existing laws or rules to intimidate the other fellow to comply with the wishes of someone else.

But there is something much more important in having a great life then all the damn money in creation.

There is always someone who wants to have complete control of everyone else's life! Thoughts, lifestyle, where he can live, where he can go and what he can do.

What kind of a condition is that to live in?

Seems like human beings always create bigger problems then they solve! Oh sure some groups do live better and have just about all that they want. But if you look at it closely it is always at great expense of some other group of folks.

Bill L.

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Dennis - What, specifically, do you feel has not been honored in your contract?  A contract is legally enforceable, so if one party does not perform as prescribed by the contract, there are legal remedies.  As far as the "arrogance of some of these oil and gas companies" goes, what do you mean?  If there is a difference in your understanding of your contract, between you and a company that doesn't go your way-that is not arrogance, but the way it is.  I am curious as to exactly how you feel "robbed".  These are strong words, so why don't you give us some specifics, instead of general statements that are really not helpful to anyone.  For example, you could warn mineral owners of something to look out for when they sign a lease, or a problem that you have had with a specific company, (you mentioned oil and gas companies-plural, but in my experience, most people deal with only one), but ranting about unspecific feelings that you have does not help anyone .  If you truly feel that your contract has not been adhered to, seek the advice of a competent attorney.  They can confirm if you have been mistreated and can recommend a course of action, devoid of personal feelings and with a full understanding of the contract and the facts.

Hi Ken -

My response to the original poster Bill, was to try and tell him this site is a one aspect of my life.  The way I read Bill's letter, he was reading the posts and figuring the people posting here are only concerned about the amount of money they have and how to generate more.  Having money and wanting more is only a means to an end for me, not what I am all about.

My additional responses about leases and royalty payments did nothing to support my argument.  Seeing as you are a former land man I understand why you would take exception to my general comments. 



I am still a Landman, although I was only working in Northern PA for about a year, and I take no exception, as we have never met.  My comments were directed as to why a person would be unhappy with a contract that they signed.  Do you feel that you were misinformed or did the company not adhere to what they had promised in writing?  As I said, there are remedies for failure to follow contract language.  My general sense is that many people feel anger or distrust for E&P companies, (and Landmen) without really having a specific complaint or a particular bad experience that they wish to inform others about.  I have read general comments, (not yours, in particular), like, "All Landmen are liars", "The oil and gas company is engage in criminal acts", etc.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes is attributed as saying, "no generalization is wholly true...including this one". (I paraphrased and cleaned the language up a bit).  It does sound that you do have the proper perspective, though, and I wish you and your family the very best.

It looks as if I have succeeded in making my point with this posting. I know folks who have wasted their life just to increase their bank account. They have literally disregarded their offspring's comfort and emotional development and self image just to make themselves appear big and important in their own eyes. And yes they had, for a little while anyway,  many friends.

But now their friends are no longer visiting or dropping in for a beer or just to pass the time away. Instead these "fair weather Friends"  no longer come near.  They sit at home all alone wondering why no one comes anymore. Now they are getting older.  Health problems are rapidly creeping up on them and no one cares.  No one is there to assist them.

This was the point I was trying to get across.

Bill L

Very recently I made a posting about the potholes on Broughton road and how dangerous they are. Westfield township supervisors should take it upon themselves to at least fix a very dangerous section where a series of potholes forces to drive off the roadway between the deep potholes and a deep ditch or swinging to the opposing lane and possibly hitting head on a vehicle coming the other way.   Supervisors could then bill Travis Peake for the very small cost of filling these particular potholes. The area I am speaking of is on a curved section of the road. Drivers cannot see opposing traffic until it is almost too late.  It has happened to me a couple of times and other folks too. Being confronted suddenly by a triaxle dump or tanker truck and with no good place to swerve out of the way is not a pleasant experience. There has been at least accidents in the particular that I am speaking about. Two vehicles were TOTALED.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bill Ladd                                                         

Someone decided to make the particular area I have been concerned about a bit safer. For one thing A couple of large arrows directing traffic to the proper lane around this hazardous curve were painted on the pavement. Also several of the deep potholes were also filled making their particular positions much safer to pass by or around them..

I realize these are not permanent repairs but until the new pavement, scheduled in a few weeks, is laid down, Broughton road is much safer now! 

 Lu Ann and I thank you, who ever you are, for attending to these very dangerous conditions on Broughton road!

Bill Ladd

And now here it is almost a year later since the area I was concerned about was repaired.  It has held up pretty good.  But now just a few hundred feet from where all of those heavy trucks enter their drive way to the well, Broughton road is deteriorating.  Potholes and other areas where the pavement is simply failing and breaking up.  Not seriously as yet but it wont be long before it will be hazardous for normal traffic.  I have noticed that the Right of way to  the well where it branches off from Broughton hollow road has a very good surface!

Granddad Ladd 


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