Just curious...

     I am in Liberty township and a few months ago got an offer to buy my royalties for 1500 to 1800 per acre, but they would do a more in-depth look if I was serious which "mite change the numbers" slightly....even tho I am not drilled or receiving any royalties ..talked to a landsman rite b4 I contacted them and he advised caution as there will be "significant" activity in my area in the "near future"....how about it, anybody else get an offer or hear anything or see any activity here in Tioga Co. ?

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PA. House Flipping To Democrat Portends Trouble for O&G Industry


8 Dem Anti-Frackers were elected


OH! is that what that white stuff is?

Our fires refuse to burn except with bone dry tissue paper.  Such poor draft up the chimney. Using a hair drier to get tinder to burn to create enough draft. Supply of wood wont take us thru the winter. Our first woodcutter, turned out to be a shiftless and we suspect a thief as well, started off pretty good. But little by little he slacked off with one excuse after another. We hired another woodcutter who makes a business to skid, block up and split one of the pipeline piles of wood. We have two more pipeline piles but not very accesable.  Especially considering the swampy conditions mother nature has blessed us with. First woodcutter was not very pleased that we got another man to do the job.

"Well, you kept giving us excuses and we like our firewood to be seasoned out a little." we told him.

We even offered him a deal of a portion for himself.  So now since I cannot do wood myself anymore We've decided to get something  different to heat with.

Now About the Serverance bruhaha.  I do not know much about it but a picture is sort of forming in my mind. And it does not look great at all!

Granddad Ladd

My best guess is that there will be a severance tax and soon.

Pennsylvania collected roughly 2.3 percent of the value of oil and gas produced its Impact Fee.

Some mineral rights owners have "No Deduction Clauses" in their leases that protect them from paying an Impact Fee, the keyword being "fee". However, those same leases usually state that "Taxes" will be paid on a prorated basis.

A Severance Tax is a tax that will be paid by most royalty owners on a prorated basis.

Its complicated.

I wonder for example if Seneca has a clause in their lease with the state saying they are not liable for any severance tax.

When the state writes into law a severance tax it woule be nice if they included in the law that no portion of the tax can be paid by the mineral right owner. HA! Fat Chance!

Thank you Josie.  My lease states, "NO DEDUCTIONS". Our royalty is pretty small compared to some others. But on the other hand there are several other land owners that are almost a flyspeck in comparison.

I thank you again Josie!

Granddad Ladd

Your lease dos NOT provide for you to  pay any prorated share of any State or local tax excluding Income Tax?

Not as far as I can see Josie

Granddad Ladd

Rumor on the Internet that Shell is looking to exit Tioga PA 

Rumor also on the Internet is that Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning the Presidential election

Trump's biggest problem in my mind is his tendency to reverse his statements almost within a week of what he said!

How can anyone believe what he says?  He denies that he said this or that and we watched him and listened to him mouth those words! I half expect to watch him say that snow is not white and very cold  and then deny he said it!

Granddad Ladd

Please send link so we all can read it.Thanks

As for rumors and the Internet.....I can put stock in the "Shell exiting Appalachia."...been a rumor for a while.....and Trump will probably face an Impeachment long before the 2020 election.....going to get ugly.....

Everything is for sale if the price is right.


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