Halcon Utica/Point Pleasant Update: Trumbull County & Venango County look to be focus areas.

From Halcon's 2Q Earnings Call on August 1st:

Floyd Wilson, CEO:

"Up North, we're really excited about our Utica/Point Pleasant asset.  Our delineation drilling is complete, and we made our decision as to where [we] will focus our capital in the play for the next couple of years.  The test results for the Kibler 1H in Trumbull County, Ohio and Allam 1H in Venango County, Pennsylvania, were excellent.  The Kibler 1H test results compare favorably with better wells in the entire play, north or south.  The well tested better than all but 10 wells across the entire play.  We have significant holdings in Trumbull and Mahoning counties with the potential to drill hundreds of wells in that area.

The Allam 1H is one of the more important wells in the play, as far as I am concerned, proving that the play can be a commercial heart of the northeast.  We recently reinitiated our leasing efforts in very specific areas, and we continue to be focused on building an inventory of permitted, multi-well pads in preparation for a full-scale development.  This year we'll keep at least 1 rig active up there that'll be drilling in the Kibler area."

More from Floyd Wilson, CEO in responding to question about Crawford versus Venango versus Mercer:

"We have a large area that's been proven to be productive in Venango and Mercer counties. We have a very large area down in Trumbull and Mahoning counties.  It is going to be productive.  Up in Venango and Mercer, it looks a bit more gassy, much more oily down in Mahoning and Trumbull.  There's some areas in between that are -- still have some work to be done.  We've just now getting some of those narrow (??) wells on production. in the area up north [i.e. Crawford County] probably not prospective."

My take:

1) The good news is that Halcon looks like it is still committed to Utica/Point Pleasant, although it is obvious that between the two areas (OH vs. PA) Ohio is going to get the most attention right now.  They obviously were very happy with Kibler 1H and they have drilling going on this summer, whereas nothing is happening drillingwise in PA right now;

2) Halcon interested in picking up more acreage in PA "in very specific areas".  Since Allam 1H in Venango was specifically referred to as "one of the more important wells in the play" I'm going to assume that they are interested additional leasing in Venango.  Probably Mercer as well. Not in Crawford which Wilson called "not prospective" [Ouch!]

3) It looks like they are going to take their time in PA getting necessary permits for pads so when the time comes they can come in and drill a bunch of wells quickly, which saves $$.  Also Wilson specifically mentioned "lack of pipe and infrastructure" in PA that needs to be built out.  Ohio much more ready on "take away" part.

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Good summary. I think he called one area a "goat patch" or "goat pasture" but I am not too sure about what area he was talking about! I was a little surprised by the use of that terminology.

Ah ha.  I didn't understand what he said so I left it out of my "summary" but now I think he was saying"goat pasture" and was referring to "up north" meaning Crawford County.  Floyd is a pretty colorful individual and not shy from using colorful language, having been in the oil business for over 40 years.

Our experience with them has been "hurry up and wait".  A flurry of activity, then nothing for a few months, then another flurry.  They also suffer from a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.  But, I'm sure they will be back around.  After the first of the year, if not sooner. 


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