We have a property off Hunter Road in Derry Township.  Looking at the well maps I can see that there are wells on the west side of RT 982 and on the East Side of Pizza Barn Road.  What is the criteria for deciding what properties will be drilled on?  Size of property?  Distance to pipeline?  Just curious. 

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Looking for landman in Derry Twp Strawcutter Road New Derry, Does Williams Own the rights to Drill in that area...  . Just purchased 10 acres, I Know I had two knocking on my door a while ago. Can you tell me were you get the Well maps for that area.. Thank you Pat....

I belong to a group that has lots of info ....


Williams is the company we leased with....I think you can go directly to the company since there are no landmen working in the area now....that I know of. 

Thank you So Much Pat, I wish I could help you with your question, but since I am such a newbe and Just started ,but thank you very much..


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