Anyone else heard from these folks?  Have gotten a couple phone calls, but they left different "expectations" each call.

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1840 farm,

I have had several meetings with this group - they are putting together a large acreage sale (they currently have over 300,000 + acres) - On January 1 of 2011 they will be putting this large acreage on the world wide market and have set a deadline of June 30 to entertain offers. Although no actual numbers can be determined until they get an actual bidder but there was a company in Butler County who did something similar on a smaller acreage and obtained a $10,000 per acre sale to a large company. The do have a bottom number they are willing to accept - there is a sample lease on their web page

The company has a website that goes into more detail concerning this. If anyone is interested they should contact them as soon as possible if they want to get in on this large acreage sale. There is some paper work involved so waiting until the last minute may prevent anyone from participating due to them checking into your acreage, mineral rights etc.

I am considering their offer but haven't signed anything yet
World-wide.... so the Chinese could end up "owning" our gas and selling it to the public? Am I understandng this correctly?
So much for energy independence.....

I have interest in joining this group.
Please advise how I can do so.

They're working with MDS Energy to develop a 500K acre land pool. --Tom
Did anyone happen to get to read Mike Knapp's replies before they were deleted? Curious to know what they'd said...


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