The way I read the law changes for WV Forced Pooling, Landowners who don't sign a bad lease will take on the best lease in the Unit, with the best Royalty and Bonus.

I don't know if this morphed into Average of the best Royalty and Bonus, but being a part owner of the Well has it's benefits.

Having signed an ALOV / SURE lease in Ohio, over 15 pages of Land Owner protections, I've discovered that Today, BUT NOT TOMORROW, Domestic Oil and Gas Companies put Your lease in a file drawer and do whatever they want.

As mike dewine's office told me when he was Ohio Attorney General, per Patricia Paine, "The Laws of Ohio Do Not Apply To Oil and Gas Companies.  Although this was a LIE, the truth was and still is, No One Will Enforce The Laws Of Ohio Against an Oil and Gas Company.

Folks, A New Sheriff is in Town, The Crop is Ripe, The Harvest will soon begin.

Who is aware of the 110,000 Sealed Federal Indictments?

Promises Made, Promises Soon To Be Kept. 

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110,000 Sealed Federal Indictments?!!!!

In WV!??

Not just WV but for EVERY US STATE.  The Table is by State.

Here is an Old post that I did for You Tube with links to the Executive Orders that have been used as the basis for ending All forms of Corruption in the US and World Wide. At the time of this post the number of Indictments were in the 80,000s. A few months back there were 109,000 so by now the number is in the 110,000s.

Those who subscribe to PACER can see the current number. I take a look at the Table when someone on You tube or Q provides the information. The site that carried and updated Table was removed in the past Year.

Q Coded Information Drops can be found at this website:  Find a aerial of JFKs grave site which is the basis for the Q Movement. Paybacks to those who assassinated (The NSA & Military Intelligence have everything on The Hammer Super Computer) Our President JFK have been well planned out and are now being implemented.

Each Q drop is numbered so you can go to Q Drop 2940 by putting that number in the search field to see the +82,000 Sealed Federal Indictments written by AG Jeff Sessions and the 470 DOJ Lawyers that were working for him.

These Indictments are based on the 12/21/17 Executive Order signed by President Trump, to take down all Severe Human Rights violators and Corrupt individuals in the US and across the Globe.

President Trump, would never have approved these Executive Orders if he didn't intend to use them. This will make his campaign promise to eliminate Corruption, another promise kept.

Link to 12/21/17 Executive Order:

Link to Military Tribunals Updated Exec Order:


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