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The Politically Orchestrated Junk Science of DRBC Fracking Opponents

DRBC fracking opponents have politically orchestrated the release of junk science intended to gin up public pressure on the Commission to vote for a ban.

Earlier this week, the Manhattan-based Damascus Citizens for Sustainability and other DRBC fracking opponents …


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Solar Panel Waste: Solar Energy Not So Green After All

Discarded solar panels are ending up in landfills, instead of being recycled, where toxic solar panel waste is leaking into the ground and water.

Solar photovoltaic panels, whose operating life is 20 to 30 years, lose productivity over time. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimated that there were about 250,000 metric tons of solar panel waste in the world at the end of 2016 and that the figure could reach 78 million metric tons by 2050.…


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Center for Biological Diversity Does Psychological Warfare for Elites

The Center for Biological Diversity is doing psychological warfare or Psych-Ops on behalf of Tides Foundation elites against the good people of Ohio.

Our good friend Jackie Stewart at Energy In Depth has done some of her best work with a story yesterday on the Center for Biological…


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Recall “Drive Electric Week” and Make Trendy Folks Buy Their Own Cars

“Drive Electric Week” is a feel good exercise for those obsessed with environmental virtue signaling and want to take ratepayers and taxpayers for a ride.

Events on the eve of Drive Electric Week scorched the utopian illusion of “a Prius in every garage.”

On Wednesday, Toyota declared a worldwide recall of 1 million hybrid…


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There’s Still Plenty of Room to Grow Natural Gas and Reduce CO2

Two articles yesterday show just how much more room there is for natural gas to replace coal and oil and reduce our CO2 emissions in the process.

Today In Energy post and …


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What Trendy Environmentalism Ignores to the Detriment of Mankind

Trendy environmentalism seems to be the order of the day in those parts of the US where rich folks tend to congregate, with no attention to the common good.

It’s official.

A Pennsylvania environmental group funded by the Heinz Endowments to create mischief is copying an initiative spawned in Boulder, Colorado, using a discredited…


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Con Ed May Require New Yorkers to Pay More for Gas When They Need It

Con Ed, the electric utility behometh for the Big Apple and environs is gearing up to ration natural gas by price during periods of peak use. Thank Cuomo.

As a totally corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo battles against a flaky actress for the Democrat nomination to be the next governor of a dying Empire State, Con Ed is laying the groundwork to address what Cuomo has wrought.

Cuomo imagines the way to reach New Yorkers’ inflated egos and hearts and maybe…


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Otsego County Learns No Natural Gas Means No Jobs

Otsego County faces many issues and among them is the fact no natural gas means no jobs. Trendy fractivists are just fine with that, but others? Not so much.

Lately the antis have been petitioning the Otsego County Legislature to ban gas trucks carrying CNG from Pennsylvania across Otsego County to the Iroquois Pipeline in Manheim, New York.  From there the gas can go to NYC or New England.  

The trucks are…


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Giant LNG Powered Container Ships Will Cut CO2 and Change Everything

Giant LNG powered container ships carrying 20,000 containers are here and the prospect of more signals an unleashing of the power of the shale revolution.

There’s big stuff happening on the seas. One of our readers just sent me a wonderful story in gCaptain about some giant LNG powered container ships that are now hitting the seas, with…


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New Jersey Seeks to Realize Green Dreams with Other People’s Money

Emulating corrupt New York, New Jersey is now pursuing green dreams by using other people’s money to subsidize, subsidize and further subsidize a boondoggle.

NJ Spotlight is a fractivist echo chamber. It is funded by the William Penn and Wyncote Foundations, house organs for the Haas family, as well as the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (Rockefeller family). Other foundations with which they’re allied and/or to whom they donate money (e.g.,…


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Message to Tom Wolf: $6 Million for a Gas Plant on the Delaware, But You Don’t Want Us to Frack?

Tom Wolf is giving Kimberly-Clark $6 million of our money to create a gas power plant on the Delaware but he doesn’t want us to frack anywhere near the Delaware!

In early 2013, the Proctor & Gamble manufacturing plant in Wyoming County (northeastern PA) began generating 100% of its own energy needs thanks to…


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Don’t Be Fooled -There’s Nothing Nice (or Smart) About the “Keep It in the Ground” Gang

There’s something deceitful about the “Keep It in the Ground” gang. They’re anything but the pleasant folks they appear. They’re hard-core “useful idiots.”

Two years ago, “Keep It in the Ground” activists clashed violently with law enforcement in a futile effort to shut down construction of the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. During weeks of violent #NoDAPL protests, anti-pipeline activists …


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The Delaware Riverkeeper Loses Yet Again with Shovelful Legal Strategy

The Delaware Riverkeeper tries a “shovelful against the wall” legal strategy with the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline at the 3rd Circuit and loses yet again.

“Throw a shovelful against the wall and see what sticks,” is the prototype legal strategy for environmental extremists funded by the bottomless pit gentry class. The Delaware Riverkeeper, financed by the William Penn Foundation to make mischief with respect to Pennsylvania pipeline development, used this…


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Empire Pipeline vs. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does” Empire State Fractivism

Environmental justice is a cruel joke; an exploitation of the poor to advance the special interests of wealthy fractivists in opposing pipeline projects.

Empire Pipeline, the midstream (pipeline) subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Company, filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)…


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It’s All About American Pride and What Has Happened To It

Vic Furman talks about American pride, our natural resources and what happens when we lose faith in our values and the power of innovation and technology.

I remember.

I remember when freedom meant so much to the individual American that to speak against it would label you a communist sympathizer.

Today, I ask myself what has happened to American pride?

Being in foreign countries as a young soldier in the USARMY I saw first hand how an…


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Michael Bloomberg Is Buying Power from Corrupt Attorneys General

There is no clearer evidence of the corruption of America politics than what Michael Bloomberg is doing in buying power for the NRDC from corrupt AG offices.

Back in March, our good friend and guest blogger, Jim Willis, at the invaluable Marcellus Drilling News, wrote a great piece entitled “Michael Bloomberg Buying AG…


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