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Allegheny Airport Benefits from Natural Gas

Allegheny County is poised for growth after the County’s decision to allow oil and gas development at the Pittsburgh International Airport. The move brings with it incredible investment and future opportunity for the county and its economic growth.

Last week, the Allegheny County Council approved an ordinance authorizing the lease of 9,263 acres surrounding the Pittsburgh International Airport to CONSOL Energy for oil and natural gas development.

The vote, which passed 9-4,…


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Job Training Opportunities Abound with Natural Gas

Vocational schools across the state are offering natural gas job training programs, as Don Roessler explains. He highlights the Western Area Career & Technology Center in Washington County.

As we know, with natural gas development, comes jobs. Most only think about the drill rig roughnecks when they think about these jobs, but it goes much deeper than that, as there are many support industries that service the natural gas industry and infrastructure fields.



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If Trees Could Talk

The Delaware Riverkeeper and friends have gone hyperbolic over the Tennessee Gas Pipeline upgrade of its natural gas pipeline through Pike County, claiming all sorts of forest disasters from this project intended to deliver more inexpensive energy to New Jersey but their real goal isn’t to protect trees or rivers, but to stop natural gas development anywhere and they’re paid to do it.

“Serial protestor” Alex Lotorto and the Delaware Riverkeeper, the arch-typical…


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Downstater New Yorkers Biting the Hand That Heats?

A petition circulating in Rockland County, New York shows downstate New Yorkers lack an understanding of where their heat comes from and appear to just be biting at the hand that heats. A majority of Rockland County is heated by natural gas. Why would an area that uses natural gas so much want to continue to delay natural gas development from coming into New York’s Southern tier.

I recently heard from a friend who lives in West Nyack, New York that someone was going door-to-door…


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Vestal Gas Coalition Getting It Done

This past week was very busy for the VestalGas Coalition as the organization brought in a great group of speakers to discuss natural gas development and take definitive action to move it forward in New York State, hoping to motivate an indecisive Governor Cuomo.

The Vestal Gas Coalition heard presentations this past week from several industry leaders and professionals, all intent in persisting in bringing pressure on Governor Cuomo to finally move natural gas development forward in…


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Natural Gas Efficiency Potential

Natural gas efficiency is a win for both consumers and the environment. Waste heat exhaust can be used productively with flue recovery systems that capture heat and water for reuse in productive and profitable ways that also reduce CO2.

According to the World Energy Conference last year, natural gas is going to be the world’s most important energy source from now until 2050. This has all been brought about by the new technology developed here in America; horizontal drilling and…


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Leatherstocking Tales

Mike Petro is a graduate of Vestal Senior High School and currently a student at Broome Community College (BCC) working towards an AS in Environmental Science. He has been accepted at Binghamton University for the Fall 2013 semester, where he looks to obtain a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies: Policy and Law. He is currently enrolled in BCC’s Community Internship course and is interning with the Vestal Gas Coalition. He will be submitting a series of posts on the natural gas…


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Message to Gas Opponents: Stop Exploiting Children

Betty Sutliff, Wayne County Landowner, member of Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance, retired schoolteacher and mother comments on the increasing tendency of the natural gas opposition to exploit children in their campaigns, while also pursuing the indoctrination of these young minds.

Children: Everyone recognizes the weight given to the indoctrination of them when they are young and impressionable, but the type of indoctrination and the relationship to the children of those…


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Shakespeare Comes to Life in New York, Unfortunately

The drama that is the New York State decision process on natural gas development is a Shakespearean tragedy in so many ways, but especially for businesses, landowners and residents of the Southern Tier, for whom all the talk about the SGEIS, regulations and health reviews are but excuses for political inaction which are giving groups such as the NRDC exactly what they want – more delay. Last week, I fielded about 20 questions from media and supporters asking for my analysis of what in the…


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Labor Rallies for Natural Gas

Last week about 125 people gathered in Binghamton to attend a rally hosted by local labor union members. The rally featured several important speakers who articulated the many reasons why natural gas is so essential to the economy of the Southern Tier and the lives of union workers who reside there.

Southern Tier union workers rallied last week in Binghamton to send a message to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose repeated delays in approving natural gas development have…


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Natural Gas Is Organic

The “Energy Mom” is an engineer, management consultant and investment manager who has spent most of her career working in the energy business. She lives in New York City, has three kids, lots of pets and a husband. Here she reports on testimony she gave before a committee of the New York State Assembly.

Last month I testified in front of a New York Assembly hearing on HIgh Volume Hydraulic Fracturing hosted by: Robert Sweeney, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Environmental…


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Sustainable Markets Foundation Pushes Out Rockefeller $ to Fight Natural Gas

The Sustainable Markets Foundation is behind much of the supposedly organic opposition to natural gas development in upstate New York and is using money from the Park Foundation and the Rockefellers to fund the effort with management and coordinative help from Walter Hang.

Why would a non-profit organization spending $4 million per year to “promote environmental protection, energy efficiency, consumer protection, health and safety and good government” not have a website? How can an…


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Yoko Ono Appeals to Governor Cuomo

Yoko Ono sends a message to Governor Cuomo on natural gas, seen here blended with another popular video from this woman with the strange clothing line. It reveals the total absurdity of New York State politics where political correctness trumps science and facts.

We noticed Yoko Ono, following her bizarre magical mystery tour of a Dimock, Pennsylvania junkyard in those two Mercedes vehicles, went back to her natural gas heated apartment in Manhattan and made a video appeal to… Continue

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Weatherman Felon is Anti-Gas Spokesperson for Healthy Schools

A group called the Healthy Schools Network has been trying to make a case against hydraulic fracturing and natural gas development in New York. It turns out the group has very unhealthy extremist connections.

Last Friday’s Susan Arbetter show out of Albany (“The Capitol Pressroom”) included, at 38:00, an interview with two individuals from an organization known as the Healthy Schools Network about the impact of hydraulic fracturing and natural gas development on New York Schools. It…


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Natural Gas Opponents Seek Help From Out-of-State

Those opposed to natural gas development have descended to a new low in soliciting petition signatures from people far outside areas that will see any development.  First they looked to celebrities and now they seek help wherever they can find it, including foreign nations.  When will they take the hint that they are in the minority?

A couple months ago during a the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) scoping hearing on the Constitution Pipeline  I spoke…


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The Sierra Club's Xenophobe - Vera Scroggins

If you thought the Sierra Club’s endorsement of anti natural gas activist, Vera Scroggins, in a recent letter, was bad because of an interaction displayed on her YouTube channel, just wait until you see what was left on the cutting room floor.

We came across yet another Vera Scroggins video this week that literally made my jaw hit my desk. I couldn’t understand in the original video, which can be viewed here, how anyone could be proud to have behaved in such a manner. Well, after…


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