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Natural Gas Heat - The Ithaca Commons Thread

The Ithaca Commons, one of those struggling pedestrian mall projects from a couple of generations back, is undergoing an upgrade and part of the project is an expansion of natural gas service, right there in Planet Ithaca. Our readers will recall a series of posts we did called “There Ought To Be A Law.” We did a playful return to the era of that famous cartoon strip by the same name and noted how many natural gas opponents lived or worked in places that relied upon natural gas for heat. We…


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Renewables Advocates Missing An Opportunity

A continuing education program on natural gas development took place in Heritage Hills, N.Y., last night, and it was an opportunity lost for the promotion of renewable energy. The opposition to natural gas looks at a clean-burning fuel and sees only a threat to renewables, when in fact it should see tremendous potential.

Last night I took a drive over to Heritage Hills in Westchester County, N.Y., to make a presentation to a community association as part of a continuing education…


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Flaming water more common than fair news coverage

Accurate unbiased news reporting, in the case of natural gas development, is too often harder to find than flaming water.  A recent story from Pittsburgh, which had nothing to do with natural gas development, somehow turned into an indictment of the industry, illustrating the power of imagery over facts in the hands of reporters with preconceived ideas that are just plain wrong.

I’ve always held Pittsburgh to a higher standard. Like my hometown of Buffalo, it was a rust belt city…


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Deal or No Deal in NY?

The debate over natural gas development nationwide is all about New York State and the debate in New York State is all about the Natural Resources Defense Council and its goals.  Those goals are contrary to the interests of landowners and ordinary New Yorkers.

We got a fair amount of reaction to our post on Cuomo’s Choice: Blue Collars or Blue Bloods and the consolidated version in the New York Post.  Kate Sinding, one of the three senior NRDC attorneys mentioned in the post, even…


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