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My Pledge to Resist Fractivists

Another one of those silly stunts recently undertaken by fractivists has been taking a “Pledge to Resist” and it has inspired Vic Furman to come up with his own “Pledge to Defend” his property rights.

I have nothing against activists. I am one, in fact; a pro gas activist living in Upstate New York. Fractivists, though, are another matter. My state has, for political reasons, denied my rights and those of other landowners wishing to tap into their mineral rights using high volume…


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LNG Statement Reveals Shifting Position

Sanity is emerging in New York with a positive statement from its League of Conservation Voters, a Rockefeller group, supporting LNG and stating the obvious environmental benefits. Fracking may not be far behind.

Our good friend and guest blogger, Jim Willis, the publisher of Marcellus Drilling News, picked up on something the other day that, together with some other news from the New York League of Conservation Voters, suggests sanity may slowly be emerging from the depths of the…


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Marcellus Shale Foolishness Lain on Thick

Marcellus Shale opponents have shifted tactics yet again by now claiming there isn’t any gas worth having in New York but the real numbers contradict this sorry attempt to cast doom and gloom on the Southern Tier.

You can always tell when the fractivists change strategies.  All of a sudden there is a burst of activity from various Park Foundation funded groups and supporters, with one entity creating the “news,” another showcasing it and still another…


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Save Us from Solar Energy?

No one needs to save us from solar energy, but it is, nonetheless, easy to construct such a case, demonstrating exactly why serious folks need to see natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing in the clear light of day, rather than through the dark colored glasses of its opponents.

Recently I received a little parody with an introduction from one of our loyal readers who shall, for purposes of this post, be known as George Lyttelton, although that’s not the reader’s real name,…


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