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At 8:59am on September 23, 2019, nc man said…

Hey Bo!

You know your my friend!

What's  going on with you?

I see the weather is hot up there.

In the 90's here!

Anything happening in the o/g fields up there?

Especially off Skull Fork.

Hope all is well with you and your o/g adventures.

nc man

At 1:39pm on May 30, 2018, nc man said…

Hey Bo!

New format for Go Marcellus? Just lfigured out the last one! LOL!

Was just wondering if you have heard about anything going on in my area (west of Skullfork Rd., north of Rt. 22, section 21)?

I received a letter from Purple Land people wanting to buy my mineral rights.

Kinda thought that was a good sign that they were interested.

No amount was mentioned and I am not going to sell but I thought this might mean some drilling is coming??

Appreciate any info you can share with me.

nc man

At 11:38am on January 23, 2014, ken said…


CNBC. com also had an article about Rice Energy selling 30 million of the 40 million shares on Monday Jan. 13, 2014. 

  Wish I had heard  about this last week, when they wanted to top lease our place.

At 3:36pm on March 5, 2013, Mike Fulper said…

HI, i just talkl to the EQT people when they come by... Havnt found them to lie about anything.. they will respond very friendly.. tho you hve to ask DIRECT accurate questions :)

I had a friend who lives EAST OF 70 past the DUKE station and she got $5K and acre 40 acrse last fall..

EQT sure are the big boys.. 

They say they will be 6 years on these 8 wells off Cubbison..

Steve Gardner said there is something gon na be put in up near him?  40 ac station ?

All i know is  raw gas cannot be put in the Tennesee Pumping station by by Claysville...

and i cant imagine them runningn pipelines all the way to Summerfield...

All i care about is Kamm...:) hahaha and BRING ON THE CHECKS...!!

Everyone out here feels like JEB CLAMPETT and the Berverly Hillbillies..

How luck can some people be....bust my ass for 50 years and eventually wont have to work.....just "play"

Wife wants a new car....silly....


I wont post much... too many cranky people :)

One guy said i had a Crappy contract....funnee....

i got thousands up front AND A SERIES OF WELLS...HOHOHO..

I do know if they want to run a distribution line thru my place... gonna be  a long drawn out deal....


I dont need a dist. line that can BLOW UP  any day....hahha


Dist line gonna be a big costly fight for em...

.wont be an easy deal like Lease signing...

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