I recently watched the movie "Hillary's America" I recommend every American see that. It explains the history of the democratic party and the rise of the Clintons. It talks about their views on the oil and gas industry and the war on coal and fossil fuels. I came away from that movie enlightened and disturbed. If she becomes our next POTUS we are in for trouble on a biblical scale. Our country will cease to exist as we know it. Has any one else on site seen this? 

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Thanks Frank.... :)

Then nothing to worry about, you will have it all straightened out in November.

I appreciate your agreement.  Yes, we landowners have much to win . . or lose . . on November 8.  With such a vivid contrast regarding energy policy between the two candidates, the outcome will very much impact ourselves and our families now and well into the future.

No fussing if you lose though, right?

Cannot promise.  It'll hurt plenty personally in any number of different ways.  And for many of us the harm and damage which will come to our families will be most distressing of all.

ok, then no fussing if you win? There will be some outcome at which you wont fuss, right?

Already answered.  Right?  I favor a Trump victory, among other reasons, because he will support domestic fossil fuel development.

Of course there are a great many other reasons.  My God, he is running against Hillary Clinton!  I don't want open borders.  I don't want young Americans to be forced to buy expensive health insurance.  I don't want penises in the locker and shower rooms of primary and high school girls . . .  I could go on.  Hell, the list is nearly endless.  I don't want liberal SCOTUS justices re-writing the Constitution of the United States.  I don't favor MS-13.  I want heroin out of the very rural region where I live.  I mean, as between Hillary and Trump we are talking night and day!!

But the energy argument alone is sufficient here, in this forum, to make obvious our need to support Trump.

Wow. Cant wait til you fix all these things! Who knew it was so easy!

Who knew that that there are those that don't seem to even give a hoot about about 'fixing' them ? ?

I consider it my responsibility to fix my financial and family problems, i dont consider it to be something the next president will just wave a wand and fix.

Now really, this is not the place for us to whine about how everyone else is wrong and we are right. It really trashes the site. I am going elsewhere to check on the price of oil, i hear it is on the rise.

Gosh, S S C, I was only just answering your question.  I aim to please, you know.  Really, I was done after you agreed with me; but then for some reason you had more questions.  I only wrote that last at your behest.  I believe for most other forum members here, all that stuff I wrote is pretty obvious.

S S C,

If the shale revolution is held back we ALL lose. What you put in your vehicle, how you heat your home, the groceries you buy, the plane you ride, on and on. There is not a single American who has not benefited from lower energy prices. You don't just have to be a landowner. 


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