Has there been any leasing activity in Monongalia County? If so, with who and what was the signing bonus(per acre) and royalty rate.


Thanks, Tim Greene

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Any leasing currently?  April 2018

There was an application from CNX for new permit today. Keep checking the Weekly Reports from the WV Office of Oil and Gas

Weekly Reports   Should show up in the next few weeks if permit is issued.

I saw that too Nancy..

I did not see it. Last was 3/30. Do you have a new link?

Charles, I am signed up to receive an email when a new permit is issued or applied for. The way to do it (sign up to be notified) is currently not working, and there is something on the website that it is being redone and unavailable for awhile. Below is what I copied from one of the emails from yesterday:   Then look under that for some more ideas.

The following was sent to you because you are a
Member of the OOG List mailing list.
Friday, April 6, 2018 @ 6:00 PM

Farm Name: JOHN M WISE, ET UX., ET AL.
Well Number: WDTN5AHSU
UTM Northing: 4395400.01
UTM Easting: 556820.241
District: Battelle
County: Monongalia
Date Recieved: 04/06/2018

To view location the well is to be put, go to http://tagis.dep.wv.gov/oog/
Then enter the Permit ID under the Attribute Search in the API box

To submit a comment about this application go to


The other one yesterday was also CNX and the permit was 47-061-01807.

If you go to the WV Office of Oil and Gas permit search site and put in either of those (4706101805 or 1807) you can find some information about these permits. Also you can search numbers nearby to see other recent permit activity.

Here is another site (part of the WV Geological and Economic Survey site) Downloads site for monongalia county

If you look for the 2 numbers I listed they are not there yet but some permits nearby are. These also appear in the Weekly Reports.

If you go to the main WV OOG site   go down the left side to Horizontal Drilling, in the middle there are many links, one of them is this Signup for OOG Mailing List and View the List archives   but this is the page that doesn't work like it used to. I found some things under Land.

Lots of info there, hunt around and see what you can find.

I really appreciate all the information. Do you happen to have a number for cnx I could call?

Here is what I found with a Google search for CNX

CNX contact page

You could call both CNX and Northeast and see who has more to offer. Look beyond the bonus and royalty %.

What do you mean look beyond 

Other lease terms like deductions, warrant title, liability. I am not a lawyer and it is always best to have a lawyer to look over a lease, or even to negotiate for you.


Call 304-241-5752.  Northeast Natural Energy's main number.  Someone will reach back to you.

Antero has pulled out of Mon County almost entirely, it seems.  EQT has pulled out of the area as of about a month ago.  Relique seems to have been tied to EQT, as they have also quit taking leases.  Right now the only company I know of that's active in Mon is NNE.  If you or anybody else gets an offer from them you'll be able to push them up from their initial offer, but not a whole lot because of the new lack of competition.  I sure hope another company gets back into it.  Right now I'm recommending that anybody who won't be affected by the new co-tenancy law just sit tight and wait for better days.  They should come.  If anybody else knows of another company taking leases in Mon I'd love to know about it.


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