Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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The blue dots look like Gulfport wells.

Lots of activity ready to pop. Mineral sale offer up to 19,500 acre.

Who is offering $19,500 an acre?

Thru KWG&D.

The little grey square just below J.Anderson looks like my land. 

Anything going on south of 265 and the anderson wells, particularly Eldon Road? Eldon road is very narrow in a couple of places any throuth to the old rumor that Eldon Road homes and properties will be bought?

I live on Eldon Road don't own much land but I keep getting phone calls from HC Petroleum saying they will be in my area and to call to set up an appointment. Anyone know anything about this? Is it a Hoax?

Did they give you any indication on what they wanted to discuss?

They mention leasing mineral rights and buying. The message stated they are located in Byesville a google search shows weatherford, texas and the phone num ber they gave is 315 256 0073, not a byesville number.

Interesting, keep us posted please.

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Good job Philip, I like looking at these permits this way, alot simpler..


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