Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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It looks like drilling has begun on a pad about 2.5 miles west of 513 on Putney Ridge Rd. as well as a pad about a half mile south of Putney Ridge Rd. on Rose Hill Rd. and there is TONS of activity and gravel truck convoys going to McBurney Rd. about a half mile south of Putney Ridge Rd.

Where is Mc Burney Road.......and what is the well name?

Mcburney road is the first road to the left half mile north of Quaker City.  It's the Pora Well

New permits since 3/152014


Thanks Philip......I have been looking for the Yoder well off Barker Road in Quaker City, but haven't seen anything yet.

According to the ODNR well viewer Eclipse has greatly increased the lateral length of both the Hayes and Pora units. 


Took a ride on Saturday.  Rig down on Hayes, up on Pora.  Fritz pad is being built.  Heard paperwork has been completed by landowner for Collins well on Yoker Valley Road.  Eclipse truck at Christman's on 513 just north of Quaker City.  Trees down on Frank Miller's place on Rose Hill Road.  

ODNR's Noble County Engineer's report shows that applications have been filed for Mahoney unit on Mt. Zion Road over the Noble County line off Yoker Valley Road.  Pipeline ROW being cleared on Yoker Valley Road in Noble County.  Pad for Batesville Compressor Station on Detwieler's (old Don Long place) is HUGE!

Thanks Jan, please post photos.

Wow.....thanks for all the info. Haven't had a chance to get out and about lately and this is good news. Things are moving along........

The area is buzzing with activity & only going to get hotter......the amount of gravel they hauled into that compressor station at Long Farm is incredible.....strings of six giant dump trucks back & forth constantly.

I was told they have to haul 900 loads of stone to that pad Scott. Goodbye Yoker Valley road.


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