We are in two units, Both have just started (one in Jan., other in Feb) together (we have been told) we will have 11 wells. We are waiting on Division Orders. My question is do you get paid per well or per pad? 

We only have 12 acres and I was just wondering if this is going to be nice money or REALLY nice money?

People are sending us letters asking if we want to sell. It makes my husband and I wonder how much this will end up being.

Is it important to have a lawyer look over the Division Orders?

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   For example,  if they are drilling the Utica  then the same acreage could be in the

Point Pleasant formation and the Trenton formation (which both are within the Utica strata)?

     Also, not having the same acreage  in the same formation.......is this governed by law regarding unitization?




If you don't mind sharing, what county are you located in? Are the wells producing only dry gas or is oil and wet gas present. Thanks a lot for sharing. This site is so helpful, thanks to people like you who are willing to share. Thanks again.

Hi Matthew,

Where is your acreage in Clinton County??

Hi Matthew,

We are up on top of the mountain near Hyner View and we do not live there. Have not heard any chatter from the locals about any new leasing but there is pad activity in certain areas (Browns Run) No rigs just pads waiting for rigs, as well as two or three large fresh water inpoundments where they laid the pipeline from Pine Creek up to Browns Run. Spent millions here with the pads water impoundments etc. So they will be back at some point.

I think they have been finishing a number of the Larry's Creek wells..

The contact I have from Anadarko is in Texas I will gladly give her number to you. I will send you a friend request and give it to you there.

Great idea to throw in with your neighbors!! 

We have 8 in one unit and4 in an other

There is no PA Statute that you even have to sign a Division Order, if the royalty decimal percentage is right, you have nothing to worry about and leave the conditions of your lease (that you obviously already signed) take precedence.  No need to sign extra paper work that isn't necessary, they will still pay you according to your original signed lease agreement.


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