Hi does anyone know who is buying in bradford at thr moment? We are interested in sell some of our rights

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I see that Repsol has received 4 permits for additional wells by Aldersons. Davis road has been paved and they are getting ready for something! Barbara, if you know the Cooley's, can you ask them if Repsol has approached them with any plans? Looks like things are picking up!


The Repsol permits for the Alderson site are off Saw Mill Road? Vista Dr cuts across the Cooley's property?

Thanks Becky. When I got the letter from Repsol, they called the proposed well, "Cooley 1" and asked people in the drill area about knowledge of any abandoned wells. They show the drilling going to LeRaysville and under the orchard. Not sure what the status is though. Wondering if Cooley's have been approached. When I was out hunting in Nov, I meant to stop by and see them to inquire but ran out of time as always.

My mistake. Cooley D is what they are calling it.

HI Ken. Regarding this map you attached for the Cooley well, is this public information that anyone can have access to?  The reason I'm asking is that it looks like several properties that are in the "blue" section and some of the "proposed well bores" from the well head go through property that are not currently leased.  At least it is my understanding some of these parcels are unleased Is there a date on this map? Thank you. 

I received this via mail from Repsol last summer. Maybe they are working on the lease if they haven't already? Just wondering if the Cooley's have heard anything.

ps...…….the last time I spoke to Repsol, they told me that if someone won't lease, they will go around them if that is possible.

Thank you Ken it is nice to know! Have you heard anything about new lines being added to the Buck Hill well?  There was some talk of this but not lately. 

I have not heard anything about Bucks Hill. Is that a Repsol well? 

Yes or at least I think it belongs to Repsol now.  

This Cooley D well looks like it is not near the original Cooley well, is this a new well pad? It looks like it may cross over the Buck Hill well. It is hard for me to tell ,I am not very good at reading maps,  


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