How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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Farmgas ,, get me a reliable weather forecast and then we can invest accordingly .... Production is slipping ,, is it enough ? Currently watching ...

I stood on Gobblers Knob on a cold morning in February waiting for Punxsutawney Phil to emerge from his burrow.  When he finally did his prognostication was an early spring this year.  So far the weather continues trending warmer.  Phil might be the best I can offer to you, Ralph.  Since then the natural gas price has steadily dropped!  

Farmgas, EQT announced a merger with etrn .......   EQT got slapped today ...

Why do you say "slapped"?  It`s being declared a big deal from what I have read about it. 

Down somethging like 8% ,, I'd call that slapped !   Bad deal , not by me ,, but others thought so ... Next 24 hours anaylists will start with their essays ..... A rebound could easily occur 

CNX, another gas company cutting production but also capital budget as well today.  The capital budget surprised me.  Do the other gas companies also cut their capital budgets, too?

Will EQT rebound from yesterday`s loss, Ralph?  Why did they make this deal?

EQT claims to have reduced its all in production costs to $2  with this deal .. $2 gas makes EQT probably the lowest cost producer , which makes its tier 2 and 3 holdings more viable .. I think owning the lowest cost producer is something worthy of consideration .... Bank of America upgraded EQT from $52 to $60 with a buy rating ... I expect more opinions to be published soon . 

This sounds to an inexperienced side line observer like me good news for EQT especially your comment about Tier 2 & 3 holdings becoming more viable.  Again, for those leases held by hopeful owners for someday gas royalties, this is great news! 

Good luck , Farmgas , I hope your phone starts ringing with offers soon .... Still down here in SW Fla . Put 6 hours in Energy Sector this morning .. Taking the afternoon off , will take a multi mile walk with the Bride [ 34 years ] , and then do a bit more work this evening ... Will be offline the next few days , catching up with a couple of old friends further south ... 

If EQT all in production costs are $2, what are their post production costs? How does this relate to other producers?

No phone calls yet, Ralph.  How will the gas companies approach this down time?  Is it just normal business time or an opportunity to reevaluate their business plan? 

Watch out for those invasive Python snakes in SW Florida, Ralph. 

Is Seneca Resources planning a production reduction this year?


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