I have found that GE loads much faster without the units being shone. After it is loaded just click on the squares to show the units.

Added Hoffman, Raimo East, Alexander, Cooley and Alderson units. Note that both Chesapeake and Chief now have units named Hoffman and both Chesapeake and Repsol have units named Alexander.

Amended Hattie, Arnold, Bacorn North, Bucks Hill South and Haralambous units.


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  how do I get the unit maps to show up, my computer says windows can not open a KMZ file, I downloaded google earth as they say that reads the kmz files but I still cannot open the maps.  any idea what I can try or download to view the bradford co maps.


 ON the screen that says can't be previewed click on learn more and download should appear "download directly" should bring up the map.


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