Has anyone been approached by EQT regarding a pipeline easement?  Our property is in Spencer Township on Red Lane Rd.  They called a couple of weeks ago requesting permission to go on the land to check it.  We are currently leased to them for oil & gas.  Anyone have any experience negotiating terms for an easement?  I've done some basic research, but would appreciate any input.


Scott Lake

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Hi Scott

They were here today to inform me that survey for a pipeline right of way will be started soon on our place.

This was from EQT Gathering.

We will have our lawyer review any proposal and of course talk to other affected neighbors.

I am not sure where your property is exactly on Red Lane?

I thought this link had good information




Hi Phil,

We have 200 a/c leased adjacent to 56062 Red Lane Rd on each side of the road.  However, we live in Florida, so this website is my principal source of info.  The land is my mother's, but I handle the business aspects.


Scott Lake

Hey Scott, Where are you at in FL? Friend me. Randy King

They have contacted me about a right of way. What is a fair rate for. A pipelne right of way
Yes, we were contacted by EQT. We are in Valley township and offered contract for 12.00 per ft. We were also told we would receive an initial payment of 1000.00, to hold the contract for a year, and at that time would receive a 12.00 per foot payment if they have all contracts from landowners that they submitted proposals. Not sure what to think about it.

From reading posts on this site everyday  for the last 10 months. I"d say $25. is more like it. It depends on the size of the pipe,will it be buried,or laid on top? Remember, it will probably be there forever. you can farm over it, but never build anything over it. Hopefully our freinds on GMS can help you.  It seems the pipeline co.s are doing us like the O&G co.s did on the lease bonus payment. Remember when the first landowners signed for $250. pr acre & 12-1/2% ?

I agree.  Based upon my research and what is going on in the area, I would say $25 per foot minimum.  I don't have any idea about a signing bonus, though.

I'm in Clearwater.

 When McGonigle was leasing for Amarado Oil in the past you could count on them coming through with the lease agreement and payment. Since EQT has purchased Amarado's leases and the two companies went into a joint venture of sorts. They made a deal of first right of refusal with McGonigle for all leases taken in Guernsey County. All leases taken by McGonigle have been refused by EQT. EQT has acted with little ethics and concern about the agreement with McGonigle or the interests of the landowners waiting to hear about there leases. When a company comes in acting as bully like EQT has beware.


I've only received notice that my leases were assigned to EQT, not that they were refused.


It would pay all landowners in guernsey co. who have'nt leased yet, or have leased and not paid, to just wait till next year. The 2nd qtr. production reports and conference calls from the drilling co.s that have drilled wells in gue.co. are very encouraging. the 3rd.qtr. reports will see the results from the current wells with no reports yet. By feb. The O&G co.s will have proven what's below us. Landowners too! $5000. & 20% may be a thing of the past! They say; good things come to those who wait. You would think the O&G co.s would want to get everyone leased & paid soon, before this happens.


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