can the oil & gas company amend a dpu after the well is drilled?

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dpu = Declaration of pooling unit?
yes I was in the unit the well was drilled and completed I have a copy of dpu updated 8-7-18 as drilled and my name is on it I cant get the same answer out of two people at swn

just got an email today from swn said the dpu was amended 3 times and im not in it 

I think I have heard that they can do that. Usually to extend the lateral but I guess in your case that is not what happened.  Can you see copies of the changed (amended) dpu's?

no and I look at them all the time all I see is an updated copy that says as drilled and im in it .I get different answers from them all the time good help is hard to get the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing .they told me I would be getting devision orders in 6 months or less tomorrow will be 6 months 

The Original DPU language should state that they have a right to amend it.

What is your State/County/Tax Parcel no?

In any event, if you are under lease 100% OGM rights, and close to a unit, then you are better off than most. Just be patient.

Nobody gets paid on royalties until the well is produsing, so all the ROW infrastructure needs to be ready to go and installed etc. You might get Pooled in 6 months, and your wells get in on the same pipeline gathering system, and everyone in 2-3 units start getting paid around the same time.

They can amend the DPU really as much as necessary. Our's and my buddy from work both had changes in the units we are in. I noticed the acreage changed on more than one occasion and I'm guessing it's do to errors on their part.

Ryan I understand that the company can amend the dpu but when I got a copy of the dpu off the wvdep marked 8-7-18 in big red letters AS DRILLED and my name is on it and they say im not in it I get confused. swn said that just means im in the surrounding area of the well bore.the well pad I was supposed to be in got changed 3 times

William, I'm not sure about your situation. Sounds like they aren't really sure about why you keep being provided different information. I'm in Ohio so I'm not sure if it's different in WV or not but my understanding is that every owner on the DPU should be being paid from the unit's production. Something is off. Maybe it's time to hire an attorney to represent you and get a clear answer from SWN.

Yes I think something is off also. I called the wvdep dept of oil and gas and he told me they don’t get involved in the dpu s I went to the courthouse Saturday to get a copy of the amended dpu providing an api number and the said they said those numbers mean nothing to them they needed more info lol


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