I purchased some land for deer hunting in Morgan County 3 years ago.

Other than the Palmer wells that are currently producing, has there been any recent interest in new wells?

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There is nothing going on in Morgan or Washington counties right now that I know of.  PDC is selling their holdings in the Utica so not sure if that means a new company might take another look or not.  The PDC Palmer wells and the wells in Coal Run seem to produce quite a bit of oil but I think the Garvin wells, which were drilled earlier I believe, haven't been that great.  Anadarko drilled the first 5 Utica wells in the Morgan County area and most of those were duds, but I would hope that subsequent drilling has improved the technique since then.  

The Anadarko wells were just a shot in the dark and were drilled missing the pay zone. There wells have been taken over by Artex energy. Artex has done seismic testing in the west part of Noble county and parts of Morgan county. They claim to be coming back to drill more wells.

If that piece of land came with mineral rights 3 years ago you were very very lucky, good hunting

I was told by the owner that mineral rights had not been sold and came with the property, but the previous owner has lied to a lot of people so I question whether or not the land came with mineral rights.

How would I confirm whether or not I have mineral rights?

Have to go to the court house and go through the chain of deeds to see if they were ever sold or retained buy a previous owner. If you go to the court house they will point you in the right direction.


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