We have 3.34 acres in Madison twnp Guernsey county anyone leasing? Got offered 5500 and 20% from Carizzo but was told not to go with them< so any others? Thanks guys!!

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Ive dealt with about 5 companies in the past year and Carrizo is by far the best to deal with. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them while i have plenty to say about some of the others.

Jeffrey Mcclaughlin after you posted that fake photo claiming your property & your suing Markwest,  I think you have no credibility on here! By the way maybe you are sewing them, lmao


Rice Energy they are the real deal. Call RJ and tell him Rob from PVMO recommended you to call. Message me for his ph#

i sent you an invite need to friend me so i can message you Robert thanks

I did no such thing. Just tired of all you clevelandites buying a couple acres, buying a storage building, painting it red, and then calling it a freaking "camp". Then bitching about everything like no place to hunt , no place to fish, people keep trespassing, and so on. I never said anything  about your small parcel but if you want me to well then lets go. 

If they stay on their couple acres, what is the problem? If the locals stay OFF the clevelandites couple acres there also should be no problem. It works both ways you know.


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