I would like to know hot report a bad operator in the area, how does one do this?

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First I understand, charges a fee to go to the leases, then will not give a report for any work he did, states there was a water problem, charges for this yet won't give a report, said he services a stripper well, won't give any production rate change, think he may be driving his truck up to the tanks and taking the oil for himself.

Do you have a GPS coordinate for the well?

No, Venango County, Cranberry district and I understand the fellow says he has no license to do any work yet he goes around and does the work anyway and won't detail report,s, is there an agency that he can be reported to or is it like the boys in blue all watching out for each other?

Gary; From what you are saying, this sounds like theft if he is taking oil. I'm sure he is breaking other laws and regulations.

I would first try to get pictures or videos....at least get his truck license number. Talk to neighbors and anyone with a well in the area and ask them to do so also.

I would also contact both the state police and DEP  DEP has an office in Meadeville, call them. They could then advice on how to best proceed.

It is important to stop him.  Not only is he stealing from both oil companies and landowners but he is probably illegally dumping fluids that he cannot sell. And if he doesn't know what he is doing or does not have the proper equipment, he may damage the wells endangering himself, the well owners, neighbors, and the environment.


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