I noticed that on 1-13-15 CHK has filed "Temporary Inactive Well" status reports for 13 wells in Columbiana County.  Anyone know why?  Here is the list:

Grubs 6H, Reed 8H, Wallace 5H, Westover 8H, Chamberlain 5H, Morris 3H, Janie Trust 10H, Lehman 8H, Kernich 1H, Rosebud 8H, Carney 3H, Fowler 1H, Janie Trust 1H

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Several of the wells you list are not in Columbiana or at least not shown on the ODNR report.



Hi Philip,

I didn't research it any further.  I simply did a search at https://apps.ohiodnr.gov/mineral/OHRbdmsOnline/WebReportAccordion.aspx under the County Engineer reports since 1-1-15 and those 13 wells came up as being reported as inactive on 1-13-15.  None of them are in my township, so I don't know the details of each well.  This is the first time that I have seen any of the Utica wells being listed as inactive, so I'm naturally curious to the details.

I S,

Production information for the ones I did not list above is here:



The well status was changed to "Producing" on the reports when these wells were flared. I believe these wells do not have a pipeline to them to allow them to produce. Thus they are not shutting them down, because they were never in production!


If the well is producing liquids and transported by truck does it matter if there is a pipeline?


They would still have to report production.  I showed the 3Q 2014 production for the wells attached below but in fact, these wells have not shown any production in any quarter.  I agree with Keith, no pipeline.

As for the future of these wells, one would have to look at the production of other wells in the area that are producing. 

Working between here:


and here:


That can be done.



they need to have gas flowing so the liquids would move to the bore hole ....so if they cant sell gas they can't produce profit from the liquids also  so they are better to inactivate the well til said time for pipeline connection and then be able  to have gas flowing bringing liquids to the well

thank you

If anyone sees a producer moving products by truck from a well that is not producing or shutdown, they should notify the ODNR to investigate.

It wouldn't surprise me to see a company doing this after seeing what they are doing to landowners royalties at producing wells. Both are a violation of Ohio Law which is not being enforced against O&G companies for some unknown $$$$ reason.

Thanks for the info  Ron but us ignorant people can just remember when Jed Clampett shoots oil out of the ground and I could swear to it that I did NOT see any gas coming out with it. 

it wasw bubbling crude on jeds farm and the bubbles were natural gas 



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