Has anyone had any offers for their mineral rights I'm starting to get letters wanting to buy mine I have land in the Meade district of tyler county wv

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Quaker city 12000 an acre 6000 is a total rip off when people have singed gotten 5000 thousand to lease and turn around and sale for 12000 they get 17000 thousand an acre not really a big deal id say because when the flippers came in and bought for 5k an acre once they acquired enough acres they sold for 14 k an acre. so 17 k an is only 3k more than flippers sold for but the peoples land  the flippers sold  still get 20 percent or what ever percent royalties plus possibly and additional sing on bonus if not drilled in 5 years  so with that in mind what really is a good offer to buy your mineral rights out right?  food for thought


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