does division orders come certified mail this would be swn?

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One of mine came regular mail.  Still haven't received the DO's for the other 2 that are producing.

they said could take up to six months to get division orders after the well starts producing .does this sound right ?

That's what I was told as well but 2 of the wells have been producing since October or November and I still haven't seen any DO's but it could be because EQT is still in the process of getting everything together from acquiring Rice.  Rice sent the royalty checks last year and EQT this year.

how many months do they hold back would the first check be for 3 or 4 months ?

I received a check in February for November and December.  The well went online in November.

It took 3 months for ascent on my most recent wells in OH. In Oklahoma, 6 months is the norm. Not sure what it is for WV or PA....would be good info to know.
The EQT/Rice merger seems to have been a mess from the accounting side - the check stubs contain next to no information on them, very different format than the previous Rice check stubs

I get them regular mail.  They usually come either around the same time as first royalty payments or sometime prior to first payment.

Do they need the division orders back before they can start sending royalties .

I thought they did but I guess each company does it differently.  I have received royalties from some companies without having first sent the division orders.  Talking bout Ohio

doesn't a division order just validate your royalty percentage and how many acres you have in the unit ?does it also ask for direct deposit info ?


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