with gathering line already in place and fracing complete how long before you receive devision orders and royaltys this is with swn ?

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Depends upon what your lease says and also if the company honors it.  Most of the leases I've seen give them 120 days after the first of the next month of when they start selling.  In my case went into production May 2017 first check due end of Sept. 2017 and here it is the end of Feb 2018 and no check yet.  Good luck and don't start spending it until the check clears.

thank you for replying sam I know about the tricks that a lot of them pull,but I'm hoping swn is different so far they have been good 

William, in our case, the first paperwork we got was a Declaration of a Production Unit. That was followed by a Division Order, and this is the one you will want to check, recheck and triple check for accuracy. If there are any discrepancies, let your producer know right away....better to address it early on.

When you say 'fracing is complete', does that include the initial flowback period? That can be another delay in the process.

I can't speak for SWN, but our producer (a MAJOR worldwide) sends the funds about 55 days after the end of the month that had reported production. I say 'about 55 days'....it is generally earlier when a banking holiday occurs on the 25th of the month.

Best of luck to you.


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