Does anyone know anything about EQT's King Hippo unit near Wind Ridge (Greene County, PA)? What's the best way to find about about a company's development plans? Is that even possible?

Thank you

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Hello Megan

Hello Megan, I am from the Wind Ridge area but I have not heard of this unit I sent you a friend request.  Were you originally leased with Rice?

Richhill Township? Near Poland Run Rd? If so, I believe it was renamed the Dennis Cholak Unit. 3 producing wells at that location. No recent permits. 

Yes, that's it. Thank you, Becky.

I see that DENNIS CHOLAK 50U, DENNIS CHOLAK 52U, and DENNIS CHOLAK GRE 8H are active. 

Please, do you know of any way to get information about the other wells listed for Dennis Cholak unit?

I'm going off of information I found on https://www.marcellusgas.org/?county_id=14&muni_id=185

It lists 3 other wells on site:


I'm not eager to pay to download reports because I'm not even sure I'll be able to understand them if they're very technical.

Thanks very much

Free info from the the state: http://www.depgis.state.pa.us/PaOilAndGasMapping/

Click "continue"

Left side near the bottom click "search for oil & gas wells"

I would select "by county and municipality" 

Window opens on the right side - select desired location

The map will shift - click the "i" icon over on the left and then you can click the red dots which are the wells

Scroll down on that screen and select "display authorization docs"

Thank you, Becky! 

I was able to search successfully. 

When the little red dots come up, I can't get any further info.? Is the operator, etc., supposed to pop up when you hover or click?

This is a great site. I've been on a state site before, but not this one


When the red dots show up. Click the blue dot with the "i" kinda over to the left. Then go back and click the red dot. If you scroll down on that screen, you can click in different reports. Also up near the top of that window you will find an arrow to click to other wells on that pad. 

Hope this helps!

Well now that is very interesting.

Thanks for the info Becky!


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