FYI if you have a Chesapeake lease but well operator is Chief

If this applies to you, you need to check to make sure all Working Interest owners (Gas companies) are paying Royalty.  The total of all Working Interest owners should be 100%.

My situation is this:  I have a Chesapeake lease and the well operator is Chief.  The well in question is Kaufmann (Wilmot Twp., Bradford County).  Two years ago Chief decided to split Kaumann into East and West units.  I only found out when Chesapeake sent a revised Division Order showing a lower WI %.  Upon investigation, and several emails, there is one WI owner who has not paid Royalty.  That WI owner is Enerplus.  Their representative informed me that they have no agreement to pay Royalty on Chesapeake leases but were working with Chief to market their gas.  I understand that I'm not the only one with this situation and want to make others aware of what is happening.

I've emailed Chief and Chesapeake but have not received a reply yet. 

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