Has anyone else noticed all the deductions on their XTO payment?

My normal deductions for the past 3 years averaged about 7-8% of gross proceeds.  January payment was over 34%!  Several calls to "revenue" and they do not call me back with an answer.  Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

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I have also had deductions taken out that should not have been. I called and they said it maybe due to their new system and they would be checking into it and I would get an e-mail with their results.  Well, that was Feb. 1 and I have not received a response back yet.

Good luck getting a response.  My first contact was January 29th and they haven't responded back yet.  First I was told by the end of the week.  Next call 7 to 10 business days.  My last call I was told to be patient, they are getting 200 calls and 100 emails daily, and had no idea when I would be contacted!  Spoke with a local XTO contact.  They upgraded to a new system in January (after 2 years in the works) and, apparently there is a "glitch" where it is deducting all expenses from royalties when the lease says they are NOT to.  I was also told it should be corrected and the amount owed added to the next payment (Feb.).  Because there are so many corrections it may take an extra month for the corrected payment to show up. XTO Energy is a large corporation.  Terrible way to treat their "Business Partners".

Get any response Ken? I'm waiting on a reply from them as well.

I'm due to call them this Wednesday.  If I hear anything worthwhile I'll post it.  I'm hoping I will see a correction in my check at the end of the month, but I'm not holding my breath.  My lease reads that if I notify them via certified mail they have 30 days to correct or, at least, respond to me.  I'm holding off on that because I think that may lead to more delay.  If it comes to that I will probably get an attorney involved.  It's sad, you have an agreement with a large corporation, and they essentially do something like this to their "business partners".

**UPDATE*   My weekly call was made to XTO to find out what's going on with the unauthorized royalty deductions.  I finally spoke with someone who shed some light.  They are aware of the problem with deductions.  First I was told (again) they are upgrading their system.  They are aware of the unauthorized deductions and are trying to fix that so the February checks will be correct.  Once the unauthorized deductions are fixed they will be concentrating on paying the unauthorized January royalty check deductions.  I was told not to expect to see that until the March or April royalty check.  I was also told that they will be paying INTEREST to us on the late payment amounts!  
The analyst I spoke with in Revenue also told me she would update me in 2 weeks as to the status of all this.  Finally, an answer!


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