Today's New Castle News says that Hilcorp has been given approval for 11 new pads in western Lawrence Co   Thats pads.....doesn't say how many wells are planned.  Great news for our county!

Sorry but its not on their website yet so no link to story. Had all pad locations listed so stay tuned, will post link if and when they add it to website.

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Jim, this news is not consistent with the constant we're all gonna die, they're not drilling fast enough, they're plugging wells, there's no gas in the ground rhetoric that's been on here lately....

People like to scare themselves. Keeps the adrenaline flowing.

For those of us with retirement grade acreage involved in this biz , I suppose it could be a little more nerve racking.
Good news Jim! Can't wait to get home & read my paper! Sounds like a good time to be leased up & ready to go!

Here's the link to the article;

One clarification, they were submitted for review but not approved by  the county as it up to the townships to approve or deny.

One interesting thing of note is that all 11 pads are from 3.5 to 4 acres in size. That is pretty small to handle all that equipment and people and reduces the environmental impact substantially. . Good job Hilcorp!

Holy Crap!

The Northern Utica is about to blast off.


Hilcorp gets a mere 6 permits to drill in Mercer County and that discussion stays near the top of the board for days.........Mercer County folks are excited , and rightly so!

Hilcorp applies for 11 PADS in Lawrence County and here we are at page 4 or 5.............

Where is your enthusiasm LAWRENCE COUNTY....?????

This is HUGE NEWS for us!

11 pads can support alot of wells and the fact that Hilcorp sees such potential in our county SHOULD be cause to rejoice.

Check out Todd's discussion on the Beaver County site titled "Rhinestreet Shale". That should also help to get you a little excited about our prospects. Add the Marcellus , Utica , and depths below that (Loysburg , Trenton Black River.......)

Things are definitely looking up here.

I like the fact that Shell has a large leasehold presence in our area as well. In light of the Cracker plans , that speaks volumes!

Hey guys how are doing? I live by patterson well an have 25ac. Is there a map of projected well sites?

Hello Rich! Is there currently any activity at the Patterson well? Been hearing they plan to drill a new well or two. I live 3 or 4 miles east of there but haven't been by the site for awhile. As far as maps of projected sites , Shell keeps their lips sealed pretty tight. All we can do is wait and see what they do next. Are you leased to Shell or Hilcorp?

Trapper, Hilcorp has pending permits for 9 well pads--2 drilled already. I took the one on the Mercer county line to help us catch up to you guys!

What's Shell have.....only 4 pads I think! Hilcorp is blowing their doors off! Lol!
I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict 2014 will usher in the beginning of a boom for Shell and Hilcorp. Hilcorp is already revving up. Shell will too after finally announcing the Cracker is a "go".....
Is that 9 pads in addition to the 11 wrote up in the paper? Wow!

Hey guys,

For what its worth,Yesterday I noticed a lot of equipment that looked like trenching (pipeline) equipment being stored across from the tag office on SR 422 & SR 388 next to the Sheetz station.


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