Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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"turbine" not "turning"... Effin autocorrect

Anything new with the Marchand well?

Flaring the well again this afternoon flame wasn't surging like a couple weeks ago.

Any ideas why they are flaring this well again?   Could it be making too water?

Only thought on flaring still is because they don't have correct production equipment on site and feel the need to let the well flow. Money going down the drain the more they flare.. 

...or up in the air!   Will this additional flaring improve the well?

The Marchand Utica well is now in pay status. The well, which runs SE from the padsite holds approx 175 acres with one lateral. Checks should arrive mid-May, 2018 - providing that the landowner returned their appropriate paperwork (W-9, etc) to CNX in a timely manner.

If first sales started then you are likely looking at first payment in late June or July since they have 60 days to make payment on gas.

Has anyone heard news today from CNX regarding the Marchand well?  Today they presented their 1Q Earnings Report.

Nobody bothered to ask them specifics in the Q&A portion of the Analyst's Call yesterday, but they really downplayed the Marchand 3M. They said it's under "managed pressure", and that it's on the "fringe" of the delineation area, also suggested that it wouldn't be up to speed until the 3rd quarter.

There's much, much more information in this one long thread, right here, than is coming out of CNX

New paywall in the Post Gazette piece yesterday about the CNX pipeline construction in Indiana County being shut down Mar 30 by DEP due to discharges into a high-quality stream. Don't have all the detail but sounds like what was discussed above.

SK - could you attach that article?   Sure sounds like a plausible reason for the sudden shut-down of the Marchand pipeline & well.  The well is being flared today.   What reasons are there to continue flaring this well?   Any ideas?   A nearby high quality stream could be The Little Mahoning Creek.


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