I have seen very little mention about injection wells here on GMS so I was  thinking of the reasons for that.

.1. Does anyone have a injection well upon their property or know of anyone that's making any money by having a injection well?

 2. Might have missed it but anyone have a idea as to just how much they stuff down a hole? Is it limited to say perhaps 2 to 3 years or till the cows come home?

 3. Since their has been little said about injection wells are the ones being used enough to handle the amount of fluid that will still come from more drilling let alone supper fracs?

  In the news by the way Oklahoma is getting rattled by earthquakes anyone here of any anti fracking  news from that area?

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Thanks but still very little information. If  I recall correctly I think I saw a post where a landowner was being paid by the barrels injected?

Billy if you want the facts. I have a lawyer who can answer your questions. He has interest in injection wells.

Hi Ron

   I was asking as the company I work for transports to injection wells. One of which is near the Norwich exit on I-70 east bound. I mean I was thinking fracking at 8500 PSI 3400 GPM is a different game than a injection well . It would seem to me as a injection well would dang near need a formation that would beat out Bounty super soakers, lol.

In Ohio the injection wells I've heard of are near Youngstown, where a fault has been used to shoot the brine into.

There were some earthquakes when the company running the operation tried to inject too much fluid and drove the pressure up beyond where it was supposed to be.

The operator must be getting smarter since there have been less earthquakes and nothing in the news about poor operations.

I know there are injection wells at well sites in Kentucky but I haven't heard of any in the local area of Columbiana County or Carroll County.


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