Does anyone know if EQT Production Company is renewing leases in Guernsey, CO -- specifically Spencer Township?  My 5-year lease is up at the end of August and I haven't  heard a peep from them. They also have never returned one of my phone calls, so if you happen to know the name of the OH representative and contact info, that would be great. I'm in the Rocky Mountains so it's hard to keep track of what's happening in Guernsey. Thanks!

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I'm in Spencer Twp...

I'm told they will not renew any leases...

They cancelled many they didn't pay on a while back...

they have 2 Horizontals ready to Frack on Cubbison rd.. but have no schedule to do it..

sorry.. .but don't plan on EQT doing any more leases our way...   

I'm on 2 EQT horizontals.... and they are down to 15 BBls a day.. but holding....

They actually filled in the holding ponds used for fracking on the land next door...


Thanks for the update Mike.

Have a beautiful day!

This link gives their 2016 drilling  projections in the marcellus and utica formations.

Wow! Thanks Gary.


I appreciate the link!


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