Anyone know anything about Salt Fork Resources?  Anyone lease with this company recently? If so, would you share what you got per acre?

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Who is this company? What areas are they leasing & what are they offering do you know?

Several of us apparently have been approached by Salt Fork so we're interested in any other company that's working this area.  I, too, think they are in a hurry because there are others coming along.  Please keep us updated on any activity.  

Can you provide info on the new company that is starting to lease?
I am not in your area. I was speaking of behavior in general. The same thing is happening in my area. I think in my area they are trying to undercut the bargaining power of a group. 'Act fast' is a pressure tactic used in all kinds of sales and it is for a reason and the reason is not to help the landowner in this case.


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