A land man who is representing the oil and gas industry is asking to buy our farm. He stated that they would like a 140 acre tract. Also they are not wanting to buy the minerals. He would not tell us who the buyers are or what their interests are. Has anyone else been approached and does anyone know what is going on. We are located in Ellsworth district of Tyler County, WV. 

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Maybe they want to put a wellpad there? And use the area for their work.

chk bought about 100 acres in beaver county and are using the land for their main hub for all the wells in beaver county.  they paid a nice premium for the land.  good luck to you!

Mark - where is that 100 acres in BC located? I'm curious.
Thanks, Jason

Also curious where that land is in Beaver County.

Do you know how close your property is located to the Rover Pipeline that is to go through Tyler Co.? 

Yes, the rover pipeline is on a neighboring farm that is within 150 ft. of our property. It is not crossing our property.

Ellen are you about five miles as the crow flies from the Ohio River?

Yes, we are.

Ellen, I am sending you a friend request.   Please accept.

Perhaps the entity being represented is seeking a tract for a processing plant or compressor station with room for future expansion.  

140 aces is huge, a well pad is usually 5-7 acres.  Most likely they are looking for things like compressor stations, metering stations, or for that large, a processing/separation center.  It will become an industrial site so if you live nearby, consider all that comes with that.

Not familiar with your area but could be other uses like offices, storage, manufacturing, or other possible uses. If you have river frontage on the Ohio, it could be huge like a cracker plant or shipping/receiving facility.  Railroads nearby?  All add value.

Ask for a bundle and keep the mineral rights. If they want both surface and mineral, ask for a triple bundle.

Hey Ellen. I also own property in tyler on 8 mile. There is hardly any infrastructure in the whole county as you know. With the recent stewart winland announcement I suspect the area is getting ready to ramp up. We have wet and dry gas which i suspect is a attractive with the oil prices tanking. I believe our biggest problem as a county are the crappy roads, 60 to 100 year old bridges, very tough terrain and the lack of water. We do have one positive...the railroad. I hope this works out for you. To sell my farm would be tough. Good luck


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