with two and half years left of the second term and drilling slow because of prices is an extension of the second term out of the question?

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I am in Tioga County Pa my second term is up in November 2019

I put an offer on the table for Shell n now I am patiently waiting for reply

I am in an active area, time will tell

I had sent email offer 5yr extension to Shell within days I had a call. Gentleman said Houston said no.

I then said ok I will go ten yrs with same terms he said he would pass along I am currently waiting to see if they will accept it.

I am very very very close to Sharretts well.........

To the best of my knowledge they have not let any expire close to Sharretts site....

From Stafford,s north On Ackley Rd I know for a fact that Shell let Michael, Dennis, Roy Ackley leases expire

I’m with swn in Brooke county and I have never heard of them going beyond the second term 

Plummer property  is west of Sharretts and has a lot of acreage, Shell had applied for a permit on Plummer property but did not move forward since application.

if Shell renews Plummer that is certainly good news for the hill top area surrounding Sharretts Well Pad........


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