To all you Geology Buffs out there:

What can you tell us about this formation?

Does anyone know of any wells drilled into it anywhere yet?

Where is it and how big of an area does it cover?

How prospective is it thought to be and for what? (gas,oil,ngl)

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Actually, I believe that brine can exists at very deep depths, think about the relationship between pressure, heat, and volumes. 

I saw a well in Washington state that was very deep - around 15,000 vertical.  Amazingly it hit a fresh water zone - threw the well loggers for a loop as they thought they hit a huge hydrocarbon zone (b/c fresh water is non-conductive, similar to oil and gas) - so the restivity on the well logs showed a highly restive zone.

If you look at offshore wells - where you have high pressure and temperatures, they deal with water in the formation as well.

What could be the result if a lateral starts out in a Utica layer but then dips and enters into the TB layer?   Could unforeseen water now enter into the intended Utica lateral? 

I hear the Trenton is overcooked with little to offer.    Is that correct?

Way back in the early 90s Beldan & Blake leased our Brush Creek Jefferson County Ohio acreage targeting the TBR. The said their testing showed at least 20% porosity and good fracturing. They had run a lot of seismic that year. They ended up selling out to Fortuna. If memory serves correctly, a company out of Colorado drilled several wells into the TBR over the line in Carroll County towards Carrollton. The story was that they were going for oil and got gas and then pulled out.


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