Received our first royalty check for the Mahoney wasn't even a fraction of what we were told to expect. Maybe they're not pulling to capacity,anyone have a thoughts to share?

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In before Ron Hale. 

How much were you expecting to get with just 1.5% of acreage in the unit?

How much did you get per acre? What were you expecting or hoping for?
Good one James. Where's Ron ?
We were told that we could expect 130,000 in the first year of production....3 months brought less than 2....I understand prices have dropped but it was a blow
Mary how many acres do you have in the unit?

We were told that we could expect 130,000 in the first year of production

Who told you that amount .........what was the price of oil and gas at the time u were  told that.......and how  many of ur acres are in the production unit??????

need  more facts

6 acres in this unit....and as far of prices then I'm sure they were higher than now but not to justify this drop
Unfortunately you were misled. 22k/acre in a year is way off. There will be many owners that never see that amount for the life of their well(s).
Jonathan, maybe I missed something but where did you come up with the 22k/year ?
Mary said she was told to expect 130k in first year. She has 6 acres in unit that would be approximately 22k/acre give or take few hundred


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